Mission schools under threat again Holding the future to ransom

People up in protest against the intention of the Central Government to pass the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in the ongoing session of the Rajya Sabha under the aegis of Manipur People Against CAB while on the other hand is the extremely disturbing news of van services of Catholic schools to be stopped until the stand off between the mission schools and an armed group, the KCP (PWG) in this case, is resolved. Ironic it is but on the same day that the All Manipur School Students’ Transporters’ Association announced their decision to suspend service, Governor Dr Najma Heptulla called for a disturbance free education zone in the State. The Sangai Express is not privy to the details of the stand off between the mission schools and the said outfit, but it is disturbing to note that this is not the first time that mission schools have been caught in such a deadlock and if the past is any indication, this would not be the last either. That the stand off should come when some student organisations, notably DESAM, had called for a disturbance free education is what is hard to digest. Everyone knows the contribution of mission schools in educating the youngsters of the State and a look at the reality should tell the story of how these mission schools have been at the forefront of providing education to the young children. Any pressure mounted on these schools invariably falls on the young students and this is a point which should not be lost on anyone. In exerting pressure on these schools, what in effect it means is that it is the young students, the future of the land who are being pressurised.
At the moment it is the transporters which have decided to suspend service and if the matter is not resolved soon, others may follow suit and the loser will be the young students and their parents and guardians. Time for all to view the issue with the seriousness it deserves. It is about the fate of the youngsters that should be kept in mind. Schools which are there to educate the young mind and which they have been doing with elan for years should not be put under any pressure for in pressurising the schools, it is the young students who will bear the brunt. Perhaps it may help if the numerous civil society organisations in the State can step in and see how the matter may be resolved. It may help too if parents and guardians of the young students can explore the options that are there to settle the stand off. It is not just about a stand off between schools and some power players but about holding the future of the young kids to ransom. That this should be happening in this age when education means everything, is unfortunate and unacceptable. Work towards finding a solution and all should chip in with whatever they can to help resolve the stand off. The future of the young children and hence the future of the land should not be jeopardised at any cost.

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