A model for policing the cyber world

The cyber world, virtual world, digital world or cyber space whatever one may choose to call it, is increasingly becoming a dangerous place for citizens to exist and carry out their daily routine activities.
The disturbing part is that these dangers are multiplying with each passing day! What is to be done is a persistent and unanswerable question that is facing the security establishment in the country.
The problem is that the security system in place is adopting the traditional methods of dealing with this ever increasing threat.
That means just like in other similar instances of specialized crime, the police resort to setting up cells or bureaus to deal with the specific problem. The example is an Anti-dacoity cell to deal with the dacoity menace; an Anti-Narcotics Bureau to counter the threat posed by the spreading use of narcotic drugs.
Then there is the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) and Special task Force (STF) and a host of other agencies dealing with such similar problems.
Hence a Cyber Cell has been established in MP with a police station at Bhopal and proposed Police Stations to come up soon at Indore, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Ujjain. This is a wonderful move to counter the threat of cyber crime and in time will be the best in the country. But this unfortunately is not enough. Dealing with cyber crime is not a “cell” based task and the entire concept of cyber security is such that a whole different approach to deal with is required, then ever done before or that is being done now.
Policing the cyber space is like policing a whole new world. It is not just a specialized activity of the police but should be like a fresh police setup dealing with crime in the digital world.
Even the traditional model of policing is outdated for this cyber policing. The concept of police beats, police stations & supervisory officer setup, maybe a thing of the past in cyber policing. The requirement will be of greater flexibility, technological expertise, skill up-gradation and training.
Thus what will be required will a wholly new and out of the box thinking and coming up with the most suitable and revolutionary model, which will be in sync with the needs of cyber policing.
(Views expressed in the column are of the author himself)
(Varun Kapoor is ADG Narcotics & PRTS Indore, MP)

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