The Moon Sails Across the Sky

K Radhakumar
The last two days
It was pouring with rain;
I did not enjoy the days all soaking wet.
It left me feeling listless and depressed
And the world looked washed out.

Suddenly the rain stopped this morning
And the world was beginning to hum with life.

In the afternoon
I heard my little garden calling.
Ah, the exotic blooms in the garden!
I caught a whiff of her perfume
In the gentle breeze of the early evening.
I felt life had gone on ahead
And I took a stand to catch up with it.
I sat on the wooden bench
And wondered about the vastness of the sky.
In the hazy sunshine
I had the mental image
Of my place in the cosmos.

Out came a fly
And it was buzzing against my face
Against my ears…
It disturbed me and so I tried to kill it
First with my right hand
And then with both hands.
I could not for the life of me imagine
How the little thing escaped my wrath.
I tried and tried and tried
But escape it always did.
At long last I killed it
The black dot that spoilt my evening.
It did not trouble my conscience;
I was glad it met its nemesis
And I met mine
In my struggle to kill a fly
In my eternal hope.
I did not get my hopes up
Come what may.

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