MUSU now take names : RSS, BJP

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jul 11: Ramping up its agitation, Manipur University Students Union (MUSU) has asked why BJP and RSS have no regard for the people of Manipur.
A press release issued by MUSU today stated that the student body has always known that the current VC of Manipur University Professor Adya Prasad Pandey has political affiliation but the union has always refrained from naming the political party due to the apprehension that the current issue may be politicised.
Naming the BJP and the RSS, the union questioned why they have so little regard for Manipur and its people.
Till date, the protest launched by MUSU for the betterment of the university has been a democratic one, it stated and alleged that the ADS office adjacent to Dr Kamol Indoor Stadium was set ablaze by some people with nefarious intentions in support of the VC.
MUSU also demanded the authorities concerned to let go off the notion to vacate the university hostel and deploy security forces to bring normalcy to the university.
Warning BJP and the RSS to never forget that the people of Manipur are the sons and daughters of the people who fought valiantly against the mighty British, the union also cautioned the Chief Minister to act and plan his move according to the sentiments of the people and the student community.
MUSU further warned BJP and RSS against trying to shield Adya Prasad Pandey by sacrificing the career of thousands of students and added that if the said parties fail to heed the warning, MUSU along with the people will teach them a befitting lesson. MUSU further conveyed that Professor Adya Prasad Pandey should let go off the thought that the teachers of the university are working just for getting their salary.
The VC should not forget that there is not a single teacher like him who indulge in high level corruption, turns the university into a night club, transform the university into a BJP and RSS office, give employment to BJP and RSS people or transform the university into a war field and a security zone, it alleged. MUSU further conveyed that it finds it funny to hear the statement of the VC that MUSU is misguiding the people and added that people can easily see through the tricks of the VC. On the other hand, MUSU stated that it feels pity for the people and the associations who are organising sit in protest at Jantar Mantar, Delhi, without having any knowledge about the ground realities of the university issue.
The union further added that its door is wide open and appealed to all organisations concerned and party to come to an understanding about the issue plaguing the university.
The current protest has been organised by MUSU along with the university community to save the university and the people of Manipur, it added and appealed to all to support the movement.

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