My Fevered Dream

K Radhakumar
When the sun is just about to go down
The western horizon registers
A recurring weakness;
Will this loneliness, utter loneliness
This immediacy
Give one’s life
A sense of purpose?
A good question!

I have a high fever:
I could feel
My wife mopping my fevered brow.
A recurring weakness!
Is it my fevered imagination?
The evening star is not seen
In the sky.

The day’s voyage into darkness…
A tired soul
Takes a well-earned rest
Sipping a pint of whiskey.
Dinner time is drawing near
He eats and prepares for a good night’s sleep
A sleep that showers dreams and hopes
Of a bright morning.

It makes my heart ache
To feel my life lived
Without knowing its meaning and purpose.
At the end of the day,
I’ll still have to make
My own decisions –
What’s the purpose of life?
What’s the meaning of life?

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