My Story

K Radhakumar

This is not a simple story
That begins with the birth
And ends in the death
Of the protagonist.
But who is interested in a story
Based on fact?
Not me.
One life is not very different from another
We have broadly similar problems
We look very similar
A tiger will not notice any marked dissimilarity
Between the two of us
As I cannot of two tigers.
Life is boringly normal
And everything is done as a matter of routine.
School unemployment job
Marriage promotion children
Healthcare insurance political sympathies…
There is something lacking in my life
Something lacking in my life
Something lacking
Something that is poetic
Strange and beautiful
Taking me to the hidden depths
Perhaps through imagination and deep feeling.
I am the hero of my story;
It is high time I had my heroine
For the whole civilization is the story
Of the relationship of human beings.
Why begin the story from my birth?
Why not from the ancient times before my birth?
And why should it end in my death?
Let it continue beyond my death.
A deceptively simple story!

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