Nagas brinkmanship is pushing others to the brink

The Naga organizations are really hard working and determined unlike other valley organizations. The reported statement of Mr L Shiro, Convenor of committee for Joint Naga Civil Societies, Delhi, (Resolve Blockade issue: Nagas in Delhi, TSE dated 4th Dec) is very interesting. The protest at Delhi was to lambast the Govt of Manipur for taking action against the president of an organization which enforced economic blockade on a national highway for more than one month, thereby causing hardship to the people of the State including the Nagas who settle in various parts or districts of Manipur. Being in the political capital Delhi, they can not selectively plead ignorance of the laws and Supreme Court and other High Courts judgements on the subject, for they are well informed and well heeled persons even though they are ST.
However, one wishes that they have the courage to tell the truth. Why did not they tell the world that the present economic blockade is a pre-emptied strike to block the State Government from upgrading two subdivisions, one of which is under Autonomous District Council, to full fledged districts for administrative convenience. Why don’t they let the people know that Jiribam subdivision is not contagious with the Imphal East district to which it belongs and separated by more than hundred kilometres. As it is the anticipated notification had not been issued in deference to the wish of the president of the UNC. That is fair enough. But yet the president arrogantly enforced the blockade and continue till now without any justification. Is it a sign of maturity and civilized behaviour? Just because in the past the then president of the organization was let scot free for whatever reasons the then Govt might have, it does not mean that it can be repeated again and again to its pleasure. It may be true that the Central Government might have assured the Nagas their promised land, but it is not yet done. In the so-called Naga districts there are settlements of different tribes/communities. Do they raise any objection to your demands? So how does it matter if a few visages are in the proposed districts. Are they going to lose their identities? Why don’t cross the bridge when it comes? The lives of thousand people had been nipped in your ethical cleansing war. The Constitution which the organization is fond of quoting also guarantees the same rights to others. Your brinkmanship is pushing others to the brink.
Yours sincerely,
AD Singh,

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  1. Solowmon   December 13, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    Kaccha Nagas think they are one of the most advanced people on this planet. They will treat any other people settling in Manipur with the utmost contempt. However, ironically the Nagas of Nagaland never consider them to be their equals, with the exception of Neiphiu Rio and Zeliang (obviously due to politics). Anything you say against the Nagas will first be retaliated by the Naga Women Organisation. Obviously this is the dirty trick the NSCN (IM) has been continuously playing. Any issue against them will be viewed as against Human Rights. But the way they have suffocated Manipur people during blockades, and the way NSCN (IM) has killing its opponents with impunity shows nothing about any respect for Human Rights


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