Natl Youth Day

IMPHAL, Jan 12: As part of the observance of National Youth Day organized by ABVP in collaboration with NEILIT, Akampat, at the premise NEILIT today, Chinmaya Mission, India’s spiritual teacher Swami Mitrananda delivered a lecture on “Swami Vivekanda’s vision for dynamic life”.
The observation was graced by M Asnikumar Singh, Vice Chairman, Manipur Infrastructure Development Agency (MIDA), Th Prameshwor Singh, Executive Director, NEILIT, Imphal, Mahesh Bhagavath, organizing secretary (Mizoram, Manipur), ABVP, Dr Chithung Mary Thomas, Associate Professor, DM College of Commerce, Imphal and Dr Lamalu Thaimei, Assistant Professor, Manipur University as the chief guest, president and guests of honour respectively.
Mitrananda, who was also the special guest at the function underscored in his lecture the vitality of the youth and the importance given to them by Swami Vivekananda.
Citing Vivekananda’s quote, “An atheist is not someone who does not believe in God but is one who does not believe in himself”, the spiritual teacher said that if someone does not believe in himself/herself, the person is (like) an atheist adding that people cannot do much if there is no self belief.
If they think they are weak, they will remain weak and if they think strong, they will become strong.
Asserting that Vivekananda grew with a conviction of testing or experimentation before accepting, Asserting that Vivekananda grew with a conviction of testing or experimentation before accepting anything, Mitrananda observed that people need to ask questions, enquire, analyse and verify before accepting anything. He noted that faith is backed by intellectual understanding and asked the youth to ask and question themselves before accepting or rejecting anything.
Vivekananda experienced both the heights of richness and the poverty as he was born in a very affluent family and later the British took away all his family’s properties following his father’s death, he informed and asked the people, especially youngsters, to experience life and groom themselves.
Maintaining that India’s civilization is unique, Mitrananda informed that Vivekananda conveyed throughout world that India is a land of tolerance with a variety of cultural heritage.
He also said the celebration of Swami Vivekananda’s birthday as National Youth Day is relevant in contemporary India and asserted that India became a young Nation due to the fact that youth comprise the larger portion of the whole population.
Dr Chithung called upon the youth in the country, more particularly those in the State to wake up and get involved in launching the country towards becoming a prosperous and powerful country.
The Associate Professor also encouraged the youth to germinate revolutionary ideas and spirit.

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