Nature embraces the creation of Pherzawl district

The creation of Pherzawl district is heartily appreciated by the people of the concerned district. Owing to its distinctive physical feature, it is indeed a reasonable act on the part of the Government in creating the said district.
As per Gazette of Manipur, dated 9th December, 2016, Pherzawl district comprises Thanlon Subdivision, Parbung/Tipaimukh Subdivision, Vangai Range/Patpuihmun Subdivision. Sloping down from the Kailam Hill Range (at 5000 ft. height), the whole physical landscape ditches towards Tipaimukh with all the rivers and streams of the region converging at Barak River (local name, Tuiruong), the whole physical landscape ditches towards Tipaimukh, thereby creating one homogenous natural physical feature.
The distinctiveness and homogeneity of the areas that fall under the newly created Pherzawl district also conforms to the regional conception as seen in Mahesh Chand Vinay Kumar Puri’s The Regional Planning of India, Chapter 1, Page 3, which states that “for ensuring proper implementation of development plan, the region should have a fairly homogeneous economic structure, some topographical homogeneity, and some sociocultural homogeneity. Therefore, in actual delineation of regions for planning purposes, it becomes necessary to strike a balance between the considerations of homogeneity, nodality, and administrative convenience.”
Accordingly, when compared to the Imphal Valley catchment area, the Tipaimukh catchment area is economically, administratively and financially far behind, as almost all of these are confined to the Imphal Valley catchment area. In this light, localisation of the District Headquarters of the region at Pherzawl would prove convenient for the people, for example, to pay taxes there and then, rather than to travel through the rugged roads of the hills in order to reach the Revenue Office at a much delayed time frame incurring extra expenses for fare and stay.
Potential for production of items such as agricultural produce like ginger, pineapple, orange, pepper, banana etc., are remarkably high in the region.
The lack of marketing facility, however, creates a low demand for the potential supply. Thus, the produce is done away with at throw-off price or no price, and end up as valueless or perishable products. This imbalance in supply and demand must be brought to a considerable equilibrium in order to attain raison-de-ter so as to bring about an upliftment in the people’s economic condition.
As a senior citizen of Manipur, I request the Government and its executives to Pherzawl district to enthusiastically deal with the problems faced by the people of the district in order to bring about a positive change in the interest of the concerned district in particular, and of the state in general.
Thanking you with warm regards.

Yours sincerely,
Senior Citizen
New Checkon Road
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