Need for MUTA to approach Court Changing dynamics of MU crisis

Civil Society Organisations and local clubs of Wangkhei urging Pro VC of Manipur University Prof K Yugindro to shift to a high security Government quarter until the MU impasse is resolved is good, practical advice. Remember at least two people were injured in the stand off with police, when a large number of students drawn from different student bodies tried to storm the residence of the Pro VC on October 6. No one can guarantee that a similar situation will not erupt in the coming days and it is only right that for the safety of his neighbours as well as for himself, the Pro VC should shift to a Government accommodation. Hope the Government too respond to the situation and heed the urgings of the CSOs and the local clubs of Wangkhei. The changing dynamics of the stand off at Manipur University is interesting and scary too. From a stand off between the then VC AP Pandey and the university community, today it has come to a stand off between the university community and Pro VC Prof K Yugindro. And there is no telling what other ugly forms the MU crisis will take. It also stands that while the issue may be viewed as a stand off at the university, it has the potential to snowball into something much bigger, pitching the ghost left behind by AP Pandey against the people of Manipur. What if the MU stand off spreads and spills onto the schools and colleges of Manipur ? What if all the students, irrespective of whether they are at the school, college or university level are drawn into the MU crisis in one way or the other ?
At the moment, college students who all come under MU can be said to have lost one academic year. What happens if this has a cascading effect and spills onto the schools ? Not being alarmist here, but looking at all the possibilities and this is where the BJP led Government need to keep a sharp look out. The BJP is in power at Imphal and at New Delhi, and this is an opportunity that should not be lost. On the other hand it also stands that AP Pandey is a man who is deemed to be close to the RSS and this is where much will depend on the political sagacity of Chief Minister N Biren and his men in the Cabinet and the State unit of the BJP. As observed here earlier, the ghost left behind by AP Pandey will surely be hard to exorcise and this is where it becomes important for all to close rank and work together keeping aside political differences. Already a chasm has appeared in the students community with tribal student organisations, including ATSUM, KSO Gen Hqs and ANSAM laying down a deadline and threatening to go ahead with a five day economic blockade. Talks are underway with the State Government to address the points raised by the tribal student organisations, and whatever the outcome of the talk with the Government, it is a clear indication that the ghost of AP Pandey can tear the social fabric pitching one student organisation against the other. At the moment, it would be in the best interest of all for MUTA and others to approach the Court and challenge the appointment of K Yugindro as the Pro VC. This will be the best option for all.

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