You need to give up to get up

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Growth is nothing but a change that makes you smile and learn. And if giving up something that you don’t like creates some changes then there is no harm in giving up. Having drown in the cosmos of wonderful writers, giving up sounded like losing but then I realised that giving up holds the biggest part of growing. You can’t climb up if you keep holding onto something fixedly, leaving behind that something will result in lifting.
Never think that giving up is the best avoided strength. Listen! If you want to be successful in life, you need to give up what slows you down by comforting you. If you want to be the champion, you need to give up some sleep, you need to give up wasting time, you need to give up eating unhealthy food. And yes, there will be a point where you will be damn tired and won’t feel like taking a step more, at that point you should remember that all the other competitors are also feeling the same. Knowing that you are at the same line with the other competitors, if you push yourself a little more. Trust me the medal is yours.
You know, the funniest ugly truth is that people are even lazy to give up, that is the reason why people get stuck with the job they hate for the rest of their life. You are on a journey where you only need to collect happiness and memories, and the moment you want more than these two, that’s the point where you get stuck in life. It’s funny to hear people saying sometimes, “I want to get a Job and settle down with my life,” you know what I call them? “born slaves.” Winners never settle down, they keep giving up, they keep growing up.
“Getting a government job is the best thing,” have you heard people saying this? They are the people who will be leaving behind nothing except their pension and dying with tensions. This is a world where everyone is monopolised by few master minds; you are sent to the best universities to get the best job not create the best job, you are trained to guard not guarded, you are paid the best salaries to give up your dreams and help in fulfilling somebody else’s dreams!
Do you know why you are crying today? Because you didn’t give up what you didn’t like yesterday! The future is still under your creation. If you wanna look back at your past and salute it, you got to drop down whatever that you don’t like right now! There isn’t any reason on why you shouldn’t give up what you don’t like doing!
At the end of the day, when you are lying on your deathbed, no one will be there to talk to you, except the memories of the person you were – you will start talking with your past. Funny, but trust me – when you are on your deathbed, you won’t be able to watch TV, listen to radio, there won’t be any Mr. Bean to make you smile except the memories you collected through the life you lived, your past. And yes! now is the time, the period for you to collect those memories. The choice is yours, whether you want to get those things which will make you smile later on in life or which will burn you with sleepless nights and give you a miserable death.
Giving up something for what you want will take you closer to your goal. When life is already too short even for doing what you love to do, how can you waste time doing what you don’t love to do? Okay! if you are so lazy to even give up that, you are getting stuck in life. Start imagining and visualising how all those regrets will burn you up time and again before your actual body burns into the fire of earth. Life is too short, give up more; to see more and to get more.
(The writer is a Motivational orator, who currently resides in Canada. He will be starting a new live talk show named “Live With Bir”. In which he will be interviewing inspiring personalities from all around the world. The dates for which will be announced soon. Show him your undying support by subscribing his YouTube channel “Live With Bir”. He can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

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