Need to do basic homework Merchants of education

It has been some time since the results of the Class X examinations conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur were announced and while institutions offering plus 2 level education to the students have had their day highlighting the achievements of their students in the Class XII examinations conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur, a number of parents and guardians must be going out of their way to see where they can admit their children after their Class XII. Parents and elders looking out for the best opportunities for their children and wards is understandable and while this reflects the deep concern parents have for the education of their children, it becomes important for all to be wary of the merchants of education who come here unfailingly at this point of time. Parents of many students who could not get through the JEE conducted by the CBSE must be looking out for the private colleges from where their children can study BTech, BE etc. This is where it becomes important for the parents to do a thorough study of the institution they intend to send their children for their higher studies. Questions such as ‘Is it recognised by the UGC and the AICTE’ may be common but every parents must be aware of this. It would not hurt for the parents to double check the credentials of the institute they intend to send their children. What is the medium of instruction ? Are the children fluent in the language which the institute of their choice may use while teaching the young students ? How well trained and experienced are the teaching faculty of the institute where they plan to send their children ?
These are words of caution and yes these questions must be thoroughly raised while settling down for any institute for their children and ward. Again these words of caution are needed as many do come here scouting for students to study in their institute. Parents and elders need to be aware of the different universities in the country and see if they are recognised by the UGC and the AICTE. No chances can be taken as a wrong choice can mean condemning the young children to be confined in an institution for four years or how long it takes to pursue a professional course. For those who managed to crack NEET, JEE, the pre-agriculture exams conducted by ICAR etc, this should not be an issue but not all get through these competitive examinations and some have to settle for other institutions which offer these professional courses. Merchant of education and in as much as parents need to study all the options before them, care should not be compromised while zeroing in on any institute. Competition is tough and one just has to take a look at the cut offs of some top notch universities and colleges of the country to understand how tough the competition is. It is against this backdrop that the young students have to rub shoulders with their counterparts from other parts of the country and all the more reason why a conducive atmosphere need to be created for the young students here to pursue their studies.

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