Needs for urgent opening of Bank at Tamei

Needs for urgent opening of Bank at Tamei
At the onset of recent news article ‘TSU Condemns’ which was published in your esteem paper on 23rd Oct 2017 with regards to opening of New SBI Branch at Tamei HQ. I am saddened to have learnt that some sections of people are trying to thwart the opening of SBI branch.
As a denizen of Tamei, it was a heartening feeling to have leant that the Largest bank in India, State bank of India intends to open it new branch in one of the remotest place of Manipur, despite being aware of the facts that location and accessibility to the area are not friendly due to it underdevelopment and terrains also that the people of Tamei are struggling to connect with the outside world due to it poor connectivity and irregularities of electricity. Apart from these difficulties I am sure the Bank might also have studied the probability of likely profit and loss in the course of running the branch at Tamei. Considering all these factors it was next to impossible to have considered Tamei as the ideal location for setting up new Branch by any Bank, however in such situations SBI on the humanity ground extended their helping hands to make the people’s dream turn into reality even if not fully but to some extent. In the process of setting up the proposed new SBI branch, the Piulekluang villages graciously offered 5 acres (as per the claimed) for constructing the bank. It was known that the site offered by the Piulekluang is located on the hill top as such accessibility and connectivity were not convenient, it was also came to light that the said under constructing building were mean for Block Development Office (BDO) wherein the proposed SBI branch is to be attach along with. Due to the aforesaid difficulties, the Bank officials opined to temporary shift to a commodious place for the sake of smooth functioning and to provide the best customer services to the people. Without taking into accounts all these loopholes and difficulties the so called TSU (Tamei Students Union – anonymous name) out vehemently condemning the temporary shifting of the site to a better location, thereby hampering the inauguration of Bank till date. By which, their act is ripping off the people’s aspiration for better facilities in the area rather than welcoming the kind deeds extended to us with an opening arms and full corporation, we have been naive in our approach by putting the risk of blocking the opening of bank by few vested people in their own interest.
It is worth mentioning here that the Govt. of India in their effort has pushed forward for financial inclusion of all the citizens by launching its Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (P.M.J.D.Y), on 28th August 2014 with and intention to ensure access to financial services, namely Banking Savings & Deposit Accounts, Remittance, Credit, Insurance, Pension in an affordable manner. However, the actions of the TSU are in-fact questionable as to why they fail to realize the needs of the people and turn a deaf ear to the difficulties pointed out? At this labyrinth stage I won’t be too wrong to say that the TSU is impeding the developments and as while obstructing the Govt, aids. It is noteworthy to recall that the people of Tamei have been derived of Bank’s facilities since 1982 and as such people have to travel a minimum of 40 km just to open an account or to do a simple transaction, due to lack of Bank, there are many instances where govt. schemes which were mean for the poor were siphoned off, financial assistances for agriculture/allied sectors and others credit facilities for minority sections are void due to non-availability of banking facilities, as such the potentiality of development in the areas has been stall for decades.
In one of the article which carried in one of the leading paper of the state published on 21st Oct, 2017, ‘TSU demands transfer of Tamenglong DC’ Mr. Wirihabou Pamai stated that DC has violated the right to freedom of speech which was guaranteed to all the citizens by constitution of India an appeal the concern authority for transfer of Tamenglong DC, such sinister attitude of the social workers are uncalled for, it will do no good for the people in future rather it will further escalate the misunderstand among the people, I am wondering as to why the other side of the story as to why the arrest warrant was given to one speaker (as claimed in article), members present at the Meeting on 17 Oct 2017 maintained that Mr. Wirihabou Pamai threatened that DC will be responsible for any untoward accident in near future in the event of Bank inauguration. One should also understand that the constitution under Article 19 (2), the legislature is empowered to impose certain restriction of freedom speech under certain heads such as:- 1. Security of the state. 2. Friendly relationship with foreign 3. Public Order 4. Decency and morality 5. Defamation 6. Incitement to an offence. Hence one should realize that the right to freedom of speech doesn’t permit us the right to express – bias, vulgar and twisted statements to incite offence, it also instruct us to maintain courtesy, decency and morality. Therefore, I appeal all the sensible denizen of Tamei to refrain from spreading ambiguous rumors that will create havoc among the people, such act will only create a long lasting damage to the society and it will take hundreds years to heal the lacerated wounds. As long as we linger to our personal interest alone the greater aspect for society will diminish in due time, hence we should retrospect in all spheres for the sake of society as a genuine social worker. This letter to editor is written with a view to bridge the gap of misunderstanding among the people, there is no intention for hurting one feelings or inciting further rumours which is being spreading like a wild fire in the social media. I want to conclude with an appeal to all the Civil Organizations and every individual to kindly extend their support and come to an amicable solution for the earliest opening of Bank in our area.
Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
Kendy Pamei

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