New movie theatre in city starts screening

IMPHAL, Dec 6: With Manipuri cinema booming since the ban on Hindi films in the State, today a new movie theatre by the name Thangal Cinema started its first screening in the hope of giving Manipuri cinema goers a new taste.
Thangal Cinema at the historic Thangal Bazar was inaugurated today with K Bhabananda, MP and Meghachandra Kongbam, Director of Information and Public Relations as chief guest and president respectively.
Thangal Cinema has plans to screen English movies, regional films, non-feature films and award winning films unlike other cinema theatre in the State.
It may be mentioned that Manipuri Cinema halls/theatres are dominated by Manipuri digital films since the ban on Hindi films in the State in 2000 by an insurgent group. Movie theatres in Manipur hardly shows English movie despite it being a favorite among the younger generation.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the new theatre, K Bhabananda appealed to all concerned to review their stand on banning Hindi Films in the State pointing out that there is a need to evaluate the positives and negative impacts on theatres, economy and society at large. He further stressed on the importance of films and entertainment saying Thangal Cinema will give a new taste to the people.
Tracing the history of the growth and development of Manipuri cinema, its ups and downs, challenges and bottlenecks, Meghachandra Kongbam said that cinema is one of the most important medium of mass communications and its utility in the society as a tool of education and entertainment cannot be ignored.
Cinema is a very powerful audio-visual medium in the global arena and for screening films, halls are essential, he noted. “Life span of some cinema halls in Manipur have been cut short by the ban on Hindi films. Let’s try to open the doors to the film market and industry so that we can learn and develop films with the help of our talented artistes”, he expressed.
Giving a brief insight on the strategies adopted by Hollywood film-makers like Stephen Spielberg, the director of the blockbuster movie, Jurassic Park, MC Binod said that taking into consideration the deteriorating scenario of Manipuri films at present, film-makers in the State should try to be passionate like them in whatever they do and success will follow suit.
Manager-in-chief of Thangal Cinema, Bishwamitra said that it’s really a pathetic situation to see a 10 Lakh budget film reduced to the price of merely Rs 10 on the streets by piracy.

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