NFSA rice

IMPHAL, Dec 5: People are reportedly getting only 4 kgs of rice under National Food Security Act from the suppliers although the set amount of rice under the act for each poor family is 5 kg.
Socialist Student Union of Manipur (SSUM) and Manipur Proletariat Peoples Democratic Union (MPPDU), today, carried out surveys at Langthabal Kendra of CAF and PD Minister, Karam Shyam, and found that the people of the areas covered by Fair Price Shop (FPS) number 6 and 9 had not been given any more than 4 kgs per household for November and December each, by the suppliers.
According to an agent of the Fair Price Shop, unfavourable circumstance prevented consistent distribution of rice to the people and steps are being taken up to improve the distribution process.
On the other hand, one Laiphrakpam Abe w/o L Hemba of Liwa Oinam Leikai, claimed that no proper rations cards for FSA and other related schemes have been issued till date for their family which has eight members.
She further appealed to the Department concerned to look into the matter at the earliest as the people are yet to obtain their cards despite numerous appeals to the authority.

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