No end to polluting Nambul river

IMPHAL, Jun 23: Nambul river, which flows through the heart of Imphal city, is getting polluted day by day as the Government has failed to pay serious attention towards protection of the river regularly.

The stretch from Kasturi bridge to Singjamei bridge has become like a murky drain as people residing on either sides of the river keep on dumping waste material in the river, which flows to Loktak, the largest fresh water lake of the North East region.

Piles of solid waste material can been seen throughout the year on the bank of the river on this stretch with the Government not taking up any step to stop it.

The condition of the river is so bad that this highly polluted river water bas become stagnant at some sections due to clogging.

This deteriorating condition of the river might create many vector and water borne diseases to the people residing near the river.

A passerby told this reporter that the State Government has never taken up any serious step to clean up the river.

The river can’t be protected by just simply cleaning up its banks ahead of Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, he pointed out.

He said that all the solid waste materials of Imphal city are being dumped into the river.

It is unfortunate that the State Government has not taken up any step to punish the people who pollute the river, he said.

He further said that some months back, some NGOs and the authority concerned carried out ‘Save Nambul Campaign’ as part of the World Environment Day celebration.

However, no one cares about the river after the campaign concluded.

He said that it is now high time to collectively put in effort to protect the river.