Non-local gang loot medical supply store

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Mar 30: A well organized gang of non locals looted around Rs 5 lakh in cash after sneaking inside Smart Medicos located at RIMS road, which is the implementing agency for the supply of medicine for the Chief Ministergi Hakselgi Tengbang, today morning.
Speaking to media persons, Khumanthem Jonanda, member Board of Director, Salai Holdings Private Limited, said that Smart Medicos is a unit under the Salai Smart Society located along RIMS road.
Smart Medicos is presently tasked with supplying medicines for the Chief Ministergi Hakselgi Tengbang as one of the important implementing agencies.
The incident which occurred today at Smart Medicos, is the first of its kind in the State to be carried out by a gang of non locals.
They looted Rs 5 lakh from a steel almirah (cupboard) inside the store. The money is the daily collection from the units located at different districts of the State, he said.
The staff came to know of the crime when they came to open the store at around 10 am and found the main shutter door broken.
They also found the steel cupboard broken and found that Rs 5 lakh in cash kept inside the cupboard was missing.
On checking the footages of the CCTVs installed outside and inside their store, they found that nine non locals carrying backpacks gathered one after another nearby their store at around 4.10 am. Then, taking advantage of lack of people around the area they took out a cloth and covered the front of the main entrance of the store and broke the iron shutter enabling one of the non locals to sneak inside the store, he said. He said that the incident comes at a time when people of the State under the banner of JCILPS are demanding implementation of Inner Line Permit System in the State and condemned the act of the non local gang which looted the store run by indigenous people and which provides medicines for the needy people of the State under CMHT.
He also appealed to the authority concerned to look into the matter seriously and also appealed to all the civil society organizations of the State to extend full cooperation.
A complaint has also been lodged at the police station concerned for taking up necessary action, he added.
On the other hand, convener of JCILPS students wing Manjit Sarangthem said that from time to time, JCILPS has been monitoring the impact of large influx of non locals to the indigenous people.
They have been launching various agitation from time to time demanding the non locals to be provided a special permit as well as verification proofs, if they wish to stay in the State.
He stated that JCILPS takes the incident at Smart Medicos seriously and appealed all rent owners not to allow non locals to stay in their respective places without proper verification.
He also asked the people of the State to prevent the non locals from coming to their localities to sell items and products so as to prevent similar incident.
He also expressed concern over the loot by the non Manipuri gang.
Manjit Sarangthem further appealed to all the transport agencies to make it compulsory for non locals to have their identity proof enclosed when they are brought to the State.
He also said that it is high time for the Home Department to verify and check the non locals staying in the State and alleged that such crimes are occurring due to the failure of the authorities concerned. Manjit said that until a Bill is passed for protecting the indigenous people, JCILPS students wing will launch various form of agitation to protect the indigenous people. He also appealed to the Home Department for the arrest of the non local gang members at the earliest.

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