Non-recruitment of Group D staff in RIMS

This is with reference to the letter submitted to your esteemed daily by Leishangthem Dijen relating to the article entitled “Back on its feet” carried earlier in your newspaper about the RIMS hospital written by Shri Yambem Laba.
At the outset I wish to disagree with him on his assertion that the campus of the RIMS is dirty on account of non recruitment of 200 odd Group D staff member for the last two years. He himself has said that there are 20,000 plus applicants and sorting them out would take months. Plus he seems to be unaware of the Gangrene that had set into the RIMS administration over  the last many years. It was mentioned in the said article “Back on it’s feet”  as to how the posts ranging from the Director to that of Staff Nurses including Group D Staff were auctioned off. He made no comments on this fact. And also the fact that he was silent on the fact that the Medical Superintendents of RIMS Hospital carries a loaded pistol while doing his rounds and the RIMS had become a depository of Grenades of many of our so called “,Patriotic Friends” as the then authorities had converted the RIMS as their happy hunting ground to fill their revenue chests..The problem had began in RIMS long back and it is my belief that the new Director does not need any certificate of excellence whatsoever from anyone.
Also it seems that when the same author had revealed in his column about RIMS two years back there was strong objection from the political powers to be then in the State and had threatened Shri Yambem Laba with a defamation suit of Rs.50 Crores. The author had instead of apologizing had gone on the media stating that he “has accepted the challenge” and is today embroiled in the biggest defamation case in the history of Manipur.. And Shri Leishangthen Dijen had lamented on the fact that the Director had accompanied the Parliamentary Standing Committee on their visit to the Loktak Lake and Shri Dijen is perhaps not aware that the day he spent with them on that day has resulted in the annual budget of the RIMS being increased from Rs.190 to Rs.300 Crores an almost 50 percent jump.
I write this as I was very recently treated at the RIMS’s Dental College for a tooth extraction twice;  my OPD Registration Card Number B-850 dated 12-1-.2018 and my tooth got extracted on the first day and  in the second instance was given an appointment  and on the dot of the time my tooth extraction was done on 7-3-2018. And the entire campus including the operation theater was clean spic and span.
Finally it is my suspicion that Shri Dijen’s interest in the Group D appointments  appears that perhaps he has a few candidates in mind to be appointed and is using your column as a leverage to that end. It is lamentable indeed that Shri Dijen had turned a blind eye to the positive developments which this new Director Dr.Ahanthem Santa had brought about in the RIMS institute and had decided to view it from his narrow point of view.
Thanking you

Yours sincerely,
Sagolshem Herojit Singh
Nagamapal Singjubung
Imphal West

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