Do not disrupt road reconstruction works: WWAAK

THOUBAL, Feb 27 : Women’s Welfare Association, Awang Kangjeibung (WWAAK), Charangpat in a statement today appealed individuals, groups and authorities concerned not to disturb and disrupt the ongoing reconstruction and renovation works of two roads- Charangpat to Yairipok road and the road near Chabungbam Yairipok.
Both the roads that lead to Charangpat have been neglected by the Government despite repeated appeals.
Due to prolonged failure of the past and present Government to reconstruct the deplorable roads, H Romen Singh, ‘a special contractor’ tendered his desire to improve the road to the people of the area and has been carrying out reconstruction works since then, said the statement of the WWAWK.
The Women’s Welfare Association condemned alleged appeal made by the BJP Wangkhem Mandal to stop the construction works of the roads and appealed individuals or groups to not disturb or disrupt the ongoing works by H Romen.

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