It’s not about how many you missed but how nearly you missed

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Dreams are not the ones which you see when you sleep, but those which you see all the time and never let you sleep. The things which keep waking you up at night, the thing that never makes you smile until you give it a try, that is not a distraction but a dream which in hatching soon. When an egg is on the process of hatching, do you massage the egg from outside? No, nothing can be done externally. It all about the strength from inside. So, if you want your dreams to hatch perfectly, stop focussing on problems, stop focussing on how to keep your neighbour’s mouth shut, those are completely external. All you have to do is make your dream stronger and stronger day by day, motivate your dream, so the moment your dream breaks the bond it will be hatched perfectly.
This is a world for people who trust their dreams, this is a world of dreamers, and this is also the cosmos where all the followers are given space by the dreamers in the planet where both have equal rights. If you keep thinking that life is all about struggling to be in the highest position of the society, then you will end up climbing a slippery hillock but if you think life is all about attaining the best form of yourself, you will end up climbing the endless mountain. Life is not about how far you hang on, it’s about how far you go on. Hanging-on is sometimes due to fear, but going-on is just the true form of growth.
It’s not always about how many you missed, but it’s also about how nearly you missed; focus on your failures to change that to a teacher. You can be a topper after going through a competition, but to be a true winner you need to go through acceptance. Everyone loves their dreams, but only those who fears thinking of not fulfilling it – turns them into reality. If you think you are weak, you are strong because you are pulling yourself at the lowest to shoot yourself up to the highest, the only thing you got to do is – know that you are dying soon. If you keep thinking of what people will say, probably you are supporting them in speaking more about you, if you stop giving attention – they will stop because they are also afraid of what people will talk about them.
You have a life to live not a life to survive, you have a time to invest not spent, you have happiness to be earnt not money, you have a smile to share love not hide your pain, you have a heart to expose not compress, you have a dream to be fulfilled not dreamed and lastly you have your watch not to show the brand but to tell that you are on a temporary visit to this planet. That little part of you, that smile when you think about your dream, that forceful lines in your diary, that change of breathing rate when you think that you might lose your dream, why don’t you ignite a little more strength in you to shout VICTORY – why don’t you live by your dream?
Nothing can be carried with you except memories – that’s why all the horror movies starts with memories. If you can’t carry anything, why so greedy, trust me – give a little space, you will get more than you imagined. This is a world where love is no longer a feeling but the process, this is a world where leaders are paying the followers to follow them, this is a world where committing suicide is a crime – you are no longer allowed to kill yourself, this a world where your parents force you to keep your talent as a hobby for time pass. Yes! You! You are born in this world! You know what! Do what-ever the damn you have in your heart, and if someone says something – trust me you are on the right track.
(The writer is a Motivational Orator, based in Canada. And can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal, watch his WILL motivational videos by going to his YouTube channel @birkarnelzelzit thiyam.)

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