Noting anti-CAB stand of NPP, NPF Partners speaking out

Chief Minister N Biren and senior BJP leaders of the State must be a worried lot, especially after two allies of the BJP, the State units of the NPF and the NPP have come out strongly against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. That the NPP and the NPF were always against the Bill is well known, but this is perhaps the first time that the State units of the NPP and the NPF have openly come out to state their stand. Interesting to note too that the NPP did not stop at just opposing the Bill but threatened that in the event the Bill is passed in the Rajya Sabha, severing ties with the BJP is very much on the card. Not at all a comfortable thought it is must be to the State BJP leaders and the Chief Minister himself, for remember how the BJP managed to beat the Congress in Government formation after the Assembly elections in 2017. With 21 MLAs, the BJP had to reach out to the NPF and the NPP to reach the magic figure of 30 and yes garner the support of the lone AITC MLA and an Independent to cross the 30 figure mark. That some rogue Congress MLAs are openly supporting the BJP led coalition Government is another matter, but the reason why the BJP is sitting pretty on top of the table is due to the support extended by its coalition partners. Now the NPP has gone ahead and stated that it may withdraw from the coalition if the CAB is passed in the Rajya Sabha and with four MLAs in its kitty, this can be a big blow to the coalition Government. And if the NPP does stick to its words, then it may just open the floodgates for the others to walk out too, for remember the NPF has already stated its stand against the said Bill.
If such a situation becomes a reality then what about the Congress MLAs who are today supping with the BJP ? Will the State Congress take them back or will they be left to face their own music ? These are all just questions at the moment, but a likely scenario that cannot be dismissed that easily. And if the coalition boat is rocked hard, then how will the Centre respond to the situation ? Not likely that they will entertain a situation when the Congress is likely to lure the coalition partners in the current Government and sit back and watch the Congress form the Government. This would certainly go against the Congress Mukt slogan of the BJP. This is nothing more than a speculation but as stated earlier, this speculation can become a reality if the BJP does not proceed with caution. Already the people of Manipur and the North East have demonstrated where they stand on the CAB. The speech of President Ram Nath Kovind to Parliament on January 31 also more than hinted that the CAB will be passed in the Rajya Sabha and this is where the likely political scenario emerges. The Rajya Sabha will be in session till February 13 and with more than 10 days to go, anything can happen. The more than 10 days reprieve should be the opportune moment for the BJP to sit down and judiciously study the situation. Though not spelt out in details, the ‘middle ground’ approach that BJP general secretary Ram Madhav spoke about on January 31 could be an option for the saffron party to consider.

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  1. LK Singh   February 4, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    CAB is very dangerous for NE states. But govts in these are either BJP govt or supported by BJP. This majoritarianist BJP is dangerous for minorities. I don’t know why they are allowed to penetrate in the NE. All these govts should be brought down. If not we will be very sorry when it is late. In the coming general election, this majoritarian BJP need to be taught a lesson. All CM/govt irrespective of their affiliations should oppose this bill starting with the coming general election.


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