Nov 29 assault of couple at Iroishemba Do not dilute case : VSA

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Nov 5 : Coming out strongly against the assault of a couple by four youths of Lamdeng Makha Leikai on November 27 at Iroishemba, the Vaiphei Students’ Association has urged the Government not to dilute the incident in any manner and added that if there are any lapses in dealing with the case, it would be constrained to take recourse to all forms of agitation.
In a statement, the student body said that the Government and the law enforcing agencies must treat the incident in all its seriousness and award the culprits the most befitting punishment, including even the death penalty.
On November 29, the couple was brow beaten, sexually assaulted, mocked and made fun of beyond imagination, said the student body.
Stating that the November 29 incident may not have been the first of its kind at the areas surrounding Iroishemba forest, the student body said that the four hoodlums claimed that they were underground cadres and in charge of looking after the Laipham (Abode of God) and then proceeded to subject the couple to indignities, including sexual assault.
Stating that what happened on November 29 can happen to anyone, the student body said that it is time for all civil society organisations to join hands and condemn the incident and demand justice.
The student body also demanded adequate compensation for the couple and asked the Government to beef up security at the area in question so that innocent people do not fall prey in the future.
The swift action of the police in hauling up the four hoodlums was also acknowledged by the student body.

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