Now questions arise on LPG utility

IMPHAL, Feb 7: Even as some LPG consumers have received 15 to 20 refills this financial year following considerable improvement in supply and distribution of LPG in the State, a serious question has arisen whether all these refills are used by the respective consumers.
Many are of the opinion that it would be hard for a household to use even 10 refills in a year. Notably, the annual average LPG consumption of a family as estimated by IOC is seven refills.
One consumer of Iboyaima Tadubi Indane Service, Senapati district has received 20 refills this financial year.
Altogether 922 consumers of Zingso Gas Service, Ukhrul have received fair numbers of LPG refills.
Out of them, five consumers namely S Basant, HC Leithing, V Ngalaton, M Leishiwon and L Delhi Rose have received 15 refills each.
Subsidy amounts of Rs 2849.90, Rs 3182.90, Rs 3228.90, Rs 3209.90 and Rs 3241.27 have been transferred to their respective bank accounts.
14 refills each have been issued to eight consumers, 13 refills each to 11 consumers, 12 refills each to 166 consumers, 11 refills each to 315 consumers, 10 refills each to 100 consumers, nine refills each to 61 consumers, eight refills each to 91 consumers and seven refills each to 165 consumers.
Incidentally, the distributor has around 11853 active consumers at present.
On the other hand, 1932 consumers of Zingso Gas Service have received only one refill each.
Zingso Gas Service has delivered 9189 domestic refills to the 922 consumers this year.
In view of the cold climatic condition and preference of firewood over LPG by many families in Ukhrul district, it evokes a serious question on whether all the 9189 refills issued to 922 consumers were used in their respective kitchens.
Apart from the 1932 consumers who have received just one refill each, there are many consumers who have received two to six refills each.

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