NPF on the offensive against BJP Will it impact on Imphal ?

Political speak. This should explain why the NPF has now come to the ‘realisation’ that there is the need to protect the identity, traditions and culture of the Naga people, in the face of the threat posed by the NDPP-BJP combine ahead of the Assembly polls in Nagaland. This was not the case when the NPF went along with the BJP, not for one year, not for two years but for more than 10 years on the trot from 2003. Now that the more than a decade old honeymoon is over, the BJP has suddenly become alien to the Nagas’ way of life and one cannot help but question whether the BJP of 2003 is different from the BJP of 2018 or say the BJP which snapped ties with the NPF on the eve of the Assembly election just some time back. The tirade is interesting and making it more interesting is the back channel talk between the NPF and the Congress for a post poll alliance. A party which unseated the Congress in the 2003 Assembly election, now keeping its doors open to the Congress and this cannot get more interesting than this. The ‘solution before polls’ call suddenly seems to have been forgotten, not because all the political parties are participating in the scheduled election, but because no one seems to be interested in the ongoing political dialogue between the Centre and the NSCN (IM) and the six NNPGs. There can be two different takes on the reality here-one that is no political party wants to politicise the ongoing political negotiation to win votes and two no political party has anything substantial to talk on the peace process before the voters of Nagaland. It is the latter option that is blatantly worrying and this should not miss the eyes of the voters of Nagaland.
It is difficult to say which of the two the NPF sees as the major threat to its run to the office-the BJP or its ally the NDPP but it says something significant that the NPF has opened its arsenal against the combine. One a party which it supped with for over 10 years and the other a party led by its former leader and former Chief Minister Nephiu Rio. The development at Nagaland may not have much bearing on Manipur, but it is significant to note that while the NPF and the BJP are at loggerheads at Nagaland, the two are together in the BJP led coalition Government here. If things come to such a pass that the development at Nagaland could have a bearing on Manipur, then it would be interesting to see how the BJP manages to steady the boat. Is there a chance of the NPF in Manipur splitting on the basis on what is happening in Nagaland ? This is not a mundane question for such a possibility can never be ruled out, especially in the topsy turvy world of politics. On the other hand the BJP is yet to launch an onslaught on the NPF led DAN Government or the NPF, but it will be interesting to see how the dice rolls in the coming days. Election may be just two days left but remember Government formation will take some more time and with the NPF reportedly in talks with the Congress for a post poll alliance, anything can happen. The interesting point is how the development in Nagaland will impact on the BJP led Government at Imphal.

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