NSCN (IM) faces questions over ‘non-Naga’ recruits

NSCN (IM) faces questions over ‘non-Naga’ recruits
Dimapur, Nov 24 : The NSCN (IM) has drawn flak from two organisations – Survival Nagaland and Dimapur Urban Council Chairman Federation (DUCCF) – for its alleged recruitments of non-Naga persons into its hierarchy.
Survival Nagaland on Thursday issued a statement seeking clarification from the NSCN (IM) with regard to the arrest of two of its non-Naga cadres – Kabir Ahmed, a Raja Peyu and Nazmul Islam – by the Dimapur police ‘for tax collection’. The police are also said to have recovered one .32 pistol, 5 live rounds, 2580 Spasmo Proxyvon capsules and ‘duplicate receipt books’ from them.
“SN is astonished beyond comprehension to understand the presence of non-Nagas in the Naga Nationalist Movement. Every Naga by virtue of being a Naga has the highest concern for our National Movement and also has the deepest gratitude to the blood and souls of those genuine freedom fighters who sacrificed themselves for our land and future. “However, with the presence of such people, the essence of Naga National Movement is diluted and the Nagas find no pleasure in receiving them as masters to derive revenue from the people in the name of tax collection. This act is nothing but molesting our patriotism and a mockery to Nationalism. We therefore express our highest displeasure over the repeated notice of such unacceptable non-Nagas,” it stated.
It sought to remind that Nagas have been since 1947 with a purpose. “Villages burnt down, Naga women being raped and thousands of Naga men sacrificed their lives yesterday. Sadly today, the very essence of freedom fight is losing its credibility with non-Nagas as cadres. What if tomorrow they claim their rights stating that they’ve contributed in the Naga freedom struggle? Now we have a big question here, is NSCN IM trying to legalise people of doubtful origin as legal citizens of Nagaland?”
Wondering how Kabir Ahmed was recruited as Reju Peyu in ‘NSCN IM Government’, the group asked the NSCN (IM) of the ‘criteria of recruitment when someone joins National movement’. “What important patriotism and service do Izul Lokman, Sajuddin, Nurjahan, Johar Ali and Hashim etc render to the NSCN (IM) in the fight for freedom? (Tax collectors and chief tax collector respectively as confessed by them and published by media earlier. They were arrested by Assam Rifles with 9mm pistol and silencer).
“What is the share of non-Nagas in the National movement? Is there any quota/reservation policy laid down in the National Yezahbo? If the fight for Nagas is sovereignty, what long term goal do we share with people of doubtful origin? —Eastern Mirror

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