The odd men in the Tripartite Talk

The tripartite talk between the UNC and government representatives had ended on the expected line. In fact there was nothing to talk if the UNC wanted to dictate the agreement without any discussion. It was an  exercise in futility. What however, most disturbing is the presence of three Cabinet Ministers of the Manipur government in a meeting chaired by an official of the rank of a Joint Secretary of the union government.
Has anybody heard of such an atrocious breach of protocol? I believe the state cabinet ministers are of rank of minister of state of the central government.
The present BJP government has got an advisor of par excellence. I would request him to give proper advice on the matter.
As regard the demand of the UNC, the least said the better. However it will be pertinent to recall that the demand of the people of the Sadar Hills and Jiribam is decades old. The previous government planned to announce the creation of the two districts on the first of November 2016.
But deferred at the last moment in consideration of the strong opposition of the UNC which threatened to blockade the NH 2. Even then it enforced the blockade for the pleasure of harassing the people. The then government created the seven new districts only on the eighth December 2016. For the poor people of the state a blockade is blockade either  enforced by UNC or the Kuki organizations. They have to suffer in silence. So have pity on the people and accept the reality.

Yours sincerely,
AD Singh
Keishamthong, Imphal West

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