Of Bharat Ratna and Manipur

Sounds Preposterous, Right? Wrong. No,it is not absurd. Consider the following and you will see it is not outrageous at all.
For one thing, Manipur has produced many iconic Personalities who have made immense contributions (and make India proud) in the field of Arts and Culture, Sports, Films and Literature. Kanhailal, Ratan Thiyam, Shyam Sharma, Kunjarani, Mary Kom, Paacha Meetei, MK Binodini…the list could go on.
For another, these names are no less than many of the awardees, past and present, in terms of the quality of their works and impacts in the society. These iconic figures of Manipur are in the same league with the Sachins, the Deshmukhs and the Hazarikas.
What’s that they(the arwardees) have/had that the Manipur Icons don’t/didn’t have???
First, they are very well connected with people who matters, powerful people who call the shots. Secondly, their respective States are/were fully behind them, irrespective of their political affiliations and/or neutrality when it comes to nominations for Bharat Ratna. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE between them and their counterparts in Manipur.
Far fetched I may(certainly) sound, but I would love to see and live with the day when a Manipuri is conferred the Country’s Highest Civilian Honour.
Yours faithfully,
Professor Rajendra Kshetri,
Manipur University.

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