Oil tankers told to move out from ISBT by Jan 16

IMPHAL, Dec 30: The State Government has asked the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) to remove all the oil tankers which are currently occupying the Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT), Chingmeirong.

Even as Chief Minister Okram Ibobi himself has asked the IOC officials not to let in any oil tankers into ISBT from January 16, IOC officials are yet to identify any parking space for oil tankers, informed a source.

Notably, the State Cabinet resolved to allot parking space to oil tankers inside the FCI godown at Sangaiprou.

Allotment of parking space inside the FCS godown would be inappropriate. Moreover, there would not be enough space to park all the loaded tankers, said the source.

On the other hand, the State Government invested substantial amount of money in constructing road and parking lots at the FCS godown of Sangaiprou. Again, it would be absurd to line up oil tankers together with trucks laden with edible items like rice, sugar etc.

In view of the Chief Minister’s stern instruction, IOC officials searched for an alternative site which can be used as parking lots for oil tankers but to no avail so far.

In the absence of a proper parking lot, oil tankers may be parked at the homes of either drivers or owners.

According to rules, IOC should pay for the parking lots occupied by oil tankers.

Nevertheless, in view of the State’s volatile law and order situation and prolonged highway blockades, the State Government offered the space available inside the ISBT to oil tankers.

In the wake of the prolonged highway blockade imposed by the Sadar Hills District Demand Committee which came into effect from August 1, 2011, authorities searched for a placed where all oil tankers can be parked together and ISBT turned out to be the most suitable site.

Since then, all oil tankers have been using ISBT as their parking lots. This rapidly wore out the incomplete yet inaugurated ISBT complex.

The North Eastern Council (NEC) is yet to release around Rs 76 lakh for construction of the ISBT in addition to the State Government’s matching share.

The State Government is now under pressure to fully complete the construction work of the ISBT, informed the source.

However it is feared that the amount sanctioned earlier for the ISBT would not be enough for construction of annexes and renovation of different sections which have worn out as whole complex has been used as parking lots.

As such, there is the need for a thorough assessment in order to calculate the amount that would be required for renovation of worn out sections and construction of annexes, added the source.