On stepping into the 20th year of TSE Endeavouring to deliver

Nineteen years back, a group of young professionals under a forward looking management got together, went to work and ensured that the first copy of The Sangai Express in English and Manipuri hit the news stand on September 11, 1999. There has been no looking back after that and thanks to the active support from the readers, patrons and well wishers The Sangai Express has gone from strength to strength. So from a 6 paged newspaper in 1999 today it stands tall with 12 pages greeting the readers everyday without fail. The progress did not stop only at the number of pages and from the initial days when limited number of pages were printed in multi colour, today all the 12 pages of The Sangai Express are multi colour. Opportunities offered by new technologies have never been wasted and in fact The Sangai Express has always been ready to absorb the changes that newer technologies may offer so that the benefits of the new technologies may reach the readers directly. Professionally too, it has been the endeavour of The Sangai Express to keep abreast of all the latest happenings and it is with an eye to keep our readers informed that adequate space is devoted to National, International and Sports news. In fact three pages are devoted to sports taking into consideration the sports culture of the people and the State. There is also a page on entertainment, Infotainment, which entertains as well as informs. That is not all for every Sunday, Monday and Friday, we bring to the readers articles on different topics written by our own home grown sons and daughters of the soil.
It has not been a story of everything hunky dory and there have been times when The Sangai Express had to join the rest of the journalistic fraternity in the State and suspend publication to lodge our protests against any strong arm tactics that may be employed by State and non-State power players. Granted things have considerably improved over the last few years, but at a time like this a brief recap of the past 19 years is in line. Nothing specific, but just a general recollection of what The Sangai Express has had to endure in its 19 years journey from 1999 to 2018. There were times when this paper was banned in certain parts of the State for reasons which may range from failing to publish a statement issued by one organisation or the other to stand offs over issues. Fortunately all differences could be worked out amicably, underlining the fact that differences can always be worked out by sitting together and discussing things. On the other hand it also stands that it has not been easy dealing with all the pressure of pulls and pushes that may come from different quarters, but all at The Sangai Express believe that there is a job to be done and it will be done which is to keep the people informed. This we believe we have been able to do all these years, due to the understanding and support of the readers and well wishers. So even as we set foot into the 20th year of The Sangai Express we urge all to continue supporting the staff and management of this newspaper and we in turn will try to do better than the past. Your wishes are our greatest strength.

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