An open letter to Chief Minister

With utmost respect, I the undersigned have the honour to lay down some few lines inviting your paramount cogitation on the cited head. Verily, it is my esteemed pleasure in joining the colossal family who are so much in awe with your missions “Go to the Hills” and “Go to the Village”. The catchwords stand as a ray of hope for thousands of people who have lost their trust in Government. Such an eye-opening entity is never seen in hundred years that there are some people who perceived that election is only for a few preferential group of people. There really exist a point of time, where people intermit their confidence in the voting system. However, your ingenious approach being at the right time happened to be an authentic remedy for those who paid heedless interest in the governance. Their energy level is enlivened, invigorated and thus they are very much into the system now.
Sir, for your kind credentials, it is to be noted that Kuilong ADC Segment harbours to a number of twelve villages namely Kuilong I, Kuilong II, Kuilong III, Kadi I, Kadi II, Kadi III, Kadi IV, Kadi V, Nallong I, Nallong II, Liemta I and Liemta II respectively with a total population of 8736 according to the latest census report of 2018. The segment is a historic demesne when it comes to insouciance of the erstwhile Governments. It is such a joy to see the state steadfastly embracing changes owing to all the developmental projects. But the joyful sight never fail to lug afflictive plight. In this situation, the rapturous moment destined to be seasonal and short-lived as one sees the disparity of the state .As a matter of fact, it is by far no wrong when one envisages that if the Government is intentionally marking Kuilong Segment to be a destined backwater and ought to be the runt in getting the developmental projects of the state.
Contritely, the region was once the treasure house of all resources. However, those things are something of yesterdays that cannot be recompensed by any form. Indeed, the vast forests that were once a habitat to varieties of invaluable trees, birds and animals which were veritably the jewels of inestimable worth were obliterated by the joint action of the few self-centered indigenous egoists and some affluent outlanders in the pretext of exchanging woods and the road connectivity. The shortsighted vision of the elders today stand as a fount of tears for younger generations. Sadfully, the roads bulldozed by the log traders only work for Shaktimans exclusively in dry season whereas the exchanged woods are found nowhere in recent days. It appeared that there is no way to regain the past glory. Here, it is to be noted that the negligence of the Government in form of deaf ears and blind eyes to the sufferings of the people is the architect of all the unwanted happenings.
Sir, not to say about the advanced developmental projects, the area is still far aloof even from the imperative ones. Some of the few pains and agonies of the people are enumerated below:
(1) It is woeful to convey you the fact that there is not a single village in the sought segment which has a proper road connectivity. People travel miles in the midst of scorching heat of sun and torrents to catch buses with all the heavy bag and baggage. It is pitifully disheartening to see our people using their physical strengths as their ultimate weapon for all the works. Sensing the crying scenario, my painful heart questions the curious mind, “How long will they lean on their small legs to be their sole carriers and vehicles?”
(2) 2/3rd of the villages of the segment is still living in dark sans electricity which indeed is a little contrary to the claim made by Honourable Prime Minister that the whole country is electrified.
(3) In spite of so many picturesque locations, the region is still left unexplored. Indeed there are some captivating meadows which can be contemplated and propagated for rural tourism.
(4) The entire region is living without the service of network connection. This crippled condition of the segment seems rather too weird when the Central Government is pushing the country to be digitalized.
(5) There is not even a single functioning Primary Health Centre in the entire precinct. In this penurious situation, the denizens carrying the stretchers of the sick people heading to the towns passing miles of sinuous path is no longer new. Rather it is a normal activity of the people.
(6) Gas Service is still a distanced dream. So, destruction of forests for firewood continues. Indeed, it is a matter of daily chores.
(7) Primary Schools in the area exist only in nominal. Majority of the teachers posted in the region have the practice of deputing their substitutes and never pay heed to the happenings of the Schools.
(8) Taking population, number of villages and total area into account, the division can be upgraded to B.D.O.
(9) Maximum of the developmental projects put up by the Government in the area were found impressive only in orders. The sad part is that the orders sanctioned by the Government and the implementation of projects never have concordance. Reaffirming my deepest faith in the mission “Go to the village”, I am hopeful that the mission will have a healing touch on all the deteriorated conditions of all the villages. I have unwavering credence that the mission will surely unfold hundreds of projects which are accomplished only in paperwork of the concerned office but a complete contrary in practical. With anticipation, I beseech you to kindly cogitate into the matters and add Kuilong Block in the prioritized sector and do all the needful to compensate the long forgotten period. Let the segment be inscribed in the map of your focused region and may it be marked as the developing zone under your leadership. Your magnificence will always be a weapon to win the rigid faith of the people in your ministry.
Thanking you, Sir.

Yours sincerely,
Thontalakbou Pamai
Kasanlong, Kadi III

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