An open letter to Chief Minister with respect to non-release of 14 months pending salary for RMSA 2016 batch

We, the teachers of RMSA 2016 Batch have met you on many ” Meeyamgi Numit” occasions since last year 2017 with respect to our 14 months pending salary. On 28.02.2018, you gave us the assurance that after 15 days and very soon, all our pending salary will be disbursed. However, it remained only in words even after 30 days. Therefore, we met you again on 26.03.18 Meeyamgi Numit and again you assured us that all our pending salary will be given before the end of the financial year i.e., March 2018. But again, your given assurance remained unimplemented. Besides meeting you, we have met all the concerned authorities from big to small in several occasions to pay our pending salary but there is a sign of respite as it turn out to be empty assurance even after a span of more than a year, and I wonder if there’s any instance as this, at other places of the earth’s surface.
With more than a year pending salaries, we are facing acute financial problem not just at home but also in our endeavour to impart quality education to the students and also in timely completion of course/syllabus. As such, both the teachers and the teachers are being affected. Despite of all the humiliation, hardships met to the teachers who hold a respectable position in the society, we teachers have been faithfully discharging our best duty since the day of our Appointment.
Sir, your Government is projected as a transparent, corruption fee and development focused Government that also give high importance to education in Manipur, we teachers too, are dedicated with passion and zeal to provide the best education the students-the future pillar of our state, and this is possible if our salary are paid regularly. As a teacher, it is our right to get paid for it timely.
Therefore, we the teachers of RMSA 2016 Batch earnestly urge you to fulfil your given assurance with respect to the release ozf the 14 months pending salary in the interest of both teachers and students. Your kind intervention to see it implemented will be much appreciated. Upon non-fulfilments within three days, any form of strongest agitation will be launched in align with civil societies to get our right and thereafter consequences shall be the sole responsibility of the Government.

  • Yours faithfully,
    RP Ironside
    President, ST Graduate Teachers’s Association
    RMSA 2016 Batch

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