Open letter to the Chief Minister on Tribal Market

In continuation of our previous application submitted to you on 15/8/2017, we the members of Tribal Market Vendors’ Association (TRIMVAS), would like to bring the following grievances for your kind consideration and necessary intervention in the interest of the vendors in particular and the Tribal Market in general.
1) That, to manage the newly constructed Tribal Market, Imphal, the Government constituted two committees viz (1) State Level Committee comprising of Minister (TD) and Government Officers and (2) Management Committee/Tribal Market Welfare Committee comprising of the Government Officers, representative of Welfare Committee New Lambulane and representatives from Tribal Vendors in 2008. The so constituted committee managed the Tribal Market well during the past many years. However, to our surprise the then Government in its order No 34/30/2011-TD (T/Market) dated 24th June 2015 constituted a new Management Committee/Tribal Market Welfare Committee. In this committee representation of the vendors was removed, instead 7 (seven) outsiders were politically appointed and made to run the Market. The so appointed members have no knowledge and experience about the problems faced by the vendors in our day to day business affairs. Surprisingly no tenure/term has been also fixed for the so formed Management Committee members, as if they are going to be permanent members of the Management Committee of the Tribal Market, Imphal.
2) That, under the influence of the so formed Management Committee, an allotment of shops on the first floor of the Tribal Market was made under order No.34/30/2011-TD (T/Market) dated 1st December 2016. It is interesting to note that out of the total 32 allottees 17 belongs to one particular Tribe and out of that 17 more than 10 were from one particular District of Manipur. It may be mentioned here that the first allotment of vendor seats was done by draw of lottery after collecting applications from all the hill districts of Manipur. This time the allotment was done under closed door. Thus the hope and aspirations of the incumbent vendors for getting shops in the first floor of the Tribal Market building has been shattered completely.
3) That, there are about 324 vendor seats on the ground floor of the Tribal Market. The so called Management Committee collected a sum of Rs 40/- per vendor per week. No receipts were issued to such collections and no information of the utilization of the funds is ever brought to the knowledge of the vendors. Has the Tribal Market being converted to generate a regular income of few individuals?
4) That, the welfare and interest of the vendors were never taken into consideration from the so collected funds. For instance, the garbage being dumped right in the centre of the Market, often piled up for days together causing lots of inconveniences and spreading putrid smell to all the vendors and valued clients.
5) That, at the time of crisis/harassment/quarrel/looting etc. the so called Market Management Committee will not be available and it is we, the vendor ourselves who stood for our own safety and welfare. It appears that the Management Committee merely existed to collect fees and utilise the same at their own will only.
Therefore, we the members of TRIMVAS would like to request your honour to kindly address our grievances by cancellation of the Management Committee formed with vested interest and biasly issued allotment order of the shops of the Tribal Market in 2016. Failing to address our genuine grievances we may be compelled to launch intense form of agitations in due course of time.
We hope and pray that Your Honour will do justice in the interest of the incumbent vendors and save the Tribal Market from being sabotaged by few people for their own vested interest.
Yours Sincerely,

Deikhochin Haokip
Chairperson, TRIMVAS
Thethem Vaiphei
Secretary, TRIMVAS

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