Open letter to the President of India

With due respect and humble submission the undersigned have the honour to submit this representation for your kind consideration and necessary prompt action. That SSB organisation was established in the year 1962 while Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India with the aim and object of promoting the backward people of Border States of India to build a strong India through binding love and attachment of one-ness.
According to the motto of SSB, it has been inducted in NEFA present Arunachal Pradesh, North Assam, North Bengal, Hill Districts of Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Ladak, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Tripura and Gujarat etc. SSB has played a big role in building India in the course ofNational security and emotional integrity of people living in the border areas.
SSB has been helping the people, in the development process of life from the grassroot level.
The Government has funded the said organisation to take up various developmental projects in the remote villages where proper medical facilities are not available and rendered medical aids/ prevention of AIDS disease at the door steps of needy patients.
Agriculture and animal husbandry is the most important economic activities in the rural areas. Some of the States especially in the North Eastern Region where SSB is operating, the land holding is small and to augment the income of the farmers, they engaged in live stock/poultry which is one of the main occupation.
Due to the immunization programme undertaken by the SSB Manipur in the NE region since 1995-96 against the various live stock diseases, it became most popular in Manipur and has helped enormously in reducing the outbreak of various diseases and treatment to animals since inception of the programme in 1959 till date.
Schemes under the Planning Commission: Border Area Development Programme
Considering the substantial amount of funds that are made available by the Central Government to the State in Manipur where the BADP has been extended for infrastructure development activities, it was considered necessary to tap this source of funding so that SSB could also act as an instrument and as, a catalytic agent in reaching more effectively to the Border population,
Likewise the All Tribal Students Union Manipur has also called for review of Central Government policy on the sentimental issue requesting the Prime Minister to highlight the Manipuri matter for reviewing the present shifting of SSB to Nepal border.
Keeping this in view, the presidents of All Manipur Stu-dent’s Union, All Tribal Student’s Union Manipur and AMWN and MPs have put their weight against the shifting of SSB from the State. The Prime Minister may kindly look into the matter and place the same before the August House of the Parliament for early review of the previous decision of the Centre. It will be helpful in strengthening the integrity of Manipur in the interest and welfare of the people of Manipur.
Yours faithfully,
Manimohan Waikhom
ISKCON Life Member No. 1013
Divine Life ELM-5136/95, Uttarakhand
Geeta Kendra-Uripok Life Member No. 33
Shree Laxini Narayan, Life Member Shayang Pukhri
Shree Raidha Govinda Gwal Aratee
(Executive Member+Awang Bhavok)
Ex-President, LMS Law College (2 Terms 1976 & 1977
Advisor, Indo-Myanmar Border Trade Union Manipur and Grievances Relief Organisation Manipur,
Ex-Serviceman SSB Cabinet Secretariat Service, New Delhi.

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