Open letter to the president, United Naga Council (UNC)

You might be aware that the Economic Blockade imposed by your organization has affected the day-to-day life of the common people in Manipur. We have survived without outside support for the last about two thousand years, but the incessant misrule of the Congress Government in recent years has reduced the State into a condition of total economic dependency.
Taking advantage of the situation, you have pressed your demand by resorting to Economic Blockade, not even allowing the Drivers and Handymen stranded on the National Highways to participate in the Ningol Chakkouba festival, which is the biggest social festival of the Manipuri Meiteis.
Even if I am an ordinary citizen, I have spent the better part of my life trying to strengthen the hill-valley relationship. I have travelled from Liyai ( Zhaimai) and Jesami in the north to Singhat and Chibujang in the South, from Kangpat and SKIP in the east to Namtiram and Tousem in the west in addition to more than one hundred hill villages, to learn, understand and comprehend each other’s culture, tradition and livelihood.
My book, History of the People of Manipur is an attempt to understand each other towards a peaceful coexistence. Ten years ago, the book was presented to Shri Thuingaleng Muivah, leader of NSCN (IM), to remind him the close affiliation of the people of Manipur.
Further, I along with like-minded people established, Manipur Peace & Integrity (MAPI) Council in the year 2001 and worked as Founder Advisor till 2008 to promote a peaceful coexistence.
Moreover, I gave up my service as senior MCS in the year 2011, even though my superannuation falls in 2019, and joined politics particularly to work for a better Manipur.
Now, steps like this that are being taken up by your organization bring a lot of hardship to the common people of Manipur. It makes me completely disheartened and overwhelmed.
So it is my earnest appeal to discontinue the ongoing Economic Blockade, in the larger interest of the common people of Manipur, and resort to any democratic protest that could target only the concerned policy makers.
Sincerely Yours,
Hareshwar Goshwami,
Wangkhei Konsam Leikai, Imphal East, Manipur -795005

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  1. sikula sikul   November 20, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    According to science, equal pole repels and opposite pole attracts each other. That’s why there should be an opposite action to curve the present scenario of Manipur. The mania of blocked and the band has created the land unreasonable in many situations and welcome a criminal feeling among the various ethnic groups. Let us call upon the central government to control and look after the state until or unless there is a stable politics or governance in term of peace and harmony. If we support the present govt. fit for the people, there should be an equal and opposite action from tomorrow onward. Then, there will be normal live in Manipur. Only on hand can not clap to produce a reasonable sound.


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