Open Letter to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur

The Government of Manipur had already declared the game of “Manipuri Polo” as the State Game of Manipur in an order published in the Manipur gazette No 4 May 3, 2000 (as under).
Part II (A)
Imphal, the 20th April, 2000
No. 12/3/2000-YAS/S – The Governor of Manipur is pleased to declare the game of Manipuri Polo as the STATE GAME of Manipur with immediate effect.

Deputy Secretary (YAS), Government of Manipur
Here it is to point out that the term “Manipuri Polo” is a mixed term and it belittles Manipuri language. It might have been used to denote the Manipuri style of Polo which was originally called “Sagol Kangjei”. As we know, Manipur had already been recognized as the real place of origin of Sagol Kangjei (Polo) due to the tireless effort of L Joychandra Singh, the then Editor of Prajatantra, a local daily. He carried out all the necessary formalities to recognize Manipur as the real place of origin of POLO and entered it into the Guinness Book of World Records (1991 Edition).
It reads as – “POLO – Origins; POLO can be traced to origins in Manipur State C 3100 BC when it was played as Sagol Kangjei……………” His contribution on this account is very great and it deserves appreciation.
It is, therefore, earnestly requested to replace the term “Manipuri Polo” occurred in the said order by our original term “Sagol Kangjei” so that it remains forever and spread to other countries of the World as done in case of Wushu, Taekwondo, Sepak Takraw, Karate etc.
Another point is that the declaration order is not supported by appropriate reasons. For example – Sagol Kangjei being the ancient royal game or being the ancient popular game of Manipur etc. The order would have been more befitting if it is self speaking so that the future generations can easily understand the point of excellence for which it is chosen as the State Game of Manipur.
Just as the ancient Greeks presented Olympic Games as a gift to the World, we gave Sagol Kangjei, later became increasingly popular as ‘Polo’.
Yours sincerely,
Iboton Chingtham, Thangmeiband

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