Pay of private school teachers Pay commission needed

That teachers in private schools are underpaid is an understatement and this may be better understood in the backdrop of the fact that the Labour and Employment Department recently revised the pay of private school Principals pegging it at Rs 10,000 per month. If this is the pay of Principals and Vice-Principals, one can well imagine the pay of private school teachers. And to think that it is the private schools which have been producing the meritorious students and the question why private school teachers should be paid such a pittance arises. This is a question which the people too need to raise, for in more than one way, it impacts on the students they teach in the classrooms. With teachers not paid adequately, it is but natural for the teachers to be more interested in giving private tuitions and concentrate their energy on coaching classes. With parents and guardians ready to meet all expenses to ensure the best for this children and wards, private tuitions then become necessary. Private tuitions obviously have a fee structure, a structure which is much more than what private schools are ready to pay as salaries to the teachers. Private school teachers need to rely on the fees they receive by giving private tuitions and in the process their performance in the classrooms are bound to suffer. In a way it is the parents and guardians who need to make up for the poor pay teachers receive from private schools. Why this point has not been addressed by the numerous student organisations in the State is also a bit surprising, for here it is about the education of the youngsters.
Schools take all the credit for the good showing of their students and this is best exemplified by the huge advertisements private schools put up in the State dailies especially after the Class X and Class XII board examination results are announced. However what is left unsaid is the fact that in all these cases, it is the parents and guardians who put in special efforts to ensure that their children are sent to the best coaching centres and private tutors. All these come with a price, but not much is said of the teachers who moulded the young students. Poor pay, but producing the best and this is where some thoughts ought to be given by all concerned. It would be productive if the State Government can set up a pay panel to study how private school teachers are being paid in the State and accordingly work out a pay structure which should be enforced on all the private schools in the State. Such a move will inject energy in the teachers and this can go a long way in teaching inside the classrooms and not only while giving private tuitions or going to coaching centres to teach the young students. In paying the teachers well, the pressure on the parents and guardians to opt for private tuitions for their young children will decrease appreciably. More than right that private school teachers get their due and this is where the Government can certainly do something concrete.

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