In pensive moods: Development and progress at the cost of what ?

Daniel Tryte
“That future is not one of ease or resting but of incessant striving so that we might fulfill the pledges we have often taken and the one we shall take today. The service of India means the service of the millions who suffer. It means the ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity.” “Tryst with Destiny” – Jawaharlal Nehru, 15th August, 1947.
History has shown us how the primitive stone wielding hunter transformed itself into a much more sophisticated nuclear arms wielding predator. The attributes of human to develop our resources, knowledge, adaptability and potential empowered us to progress into a much more complicated society. Human development ushered in progress. Thus, bringing about changes in our ways of living and approached. Development cannot happen without human intervention. Our ability to develop defines the pace of our progress. As human developed and progressed into a complex society, it began to set-up a system to look after its welfare. Our nation with its great diverse society choose a system called SOVERIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC which core spirit burns a constant flame for peoples welfare.
Since our country inception as an independent nation from the British Crown on 15th August, 1947, India have developed and progressed as a nation to be reckoned for. Indeed! India has reached afar. I believe it is not need of me to highlight India’s achievement and its accomplishment. It is there to be seen in the deep space, air, ocean and land. Rests assure! India has secured its place among the pedestal high. But at what cost! What have become of the millions of populace waiting with endless hopes and dreams, day after day, expecting at any moment of time, for progress to finally knock at our doors? While Mangalyaan completes it 1000 earth days orbit around the red planet Mars, children died in numbers somewhere in a hospital causes for which is still in debate, multiple suicide by farmers, women being stalked or molested, religious fundamentalism, flood, drought, terrorism, un- employment, infrastructure breakdown and so on. These are the reality of nightmares that millions of the populace has to live through every day of our life. In such a reality progress is just another walk in the cloud!
For around four months now I’m without cable connection. Courtesy, Digital India! Rs.3000, the cost of a set-top box. In another month or so, I believe, I might be able to come up with the amount. And for how many houses will this reality becomes a luxury which can’t be afforded with simple mathematics and saving? How can a vision so refine be a reminder of disparities? What is at fault here? My financial crunch, or the system approach, or the long developmental drought arising out of indecent political behavior? I believe all of these are, more or less, equally responsible for my inability to catch-up with progress. I thank the good Lord though for gifting me with this fine platform! At least, this way, in some way, I could live in the reality of digital India by writing my hearts out in our reputed daily newspaper.
My motive is not political, but rather aimed at the fast pace and approach in which developmental plans are introduced and initiated. I trust the order of the interior and exterior defines the beauty of a house. Development of a nation should also be defined is such a way. Otherwise, what is the relevance of the mass in our democratic set-up? The mass should first be educated about new plans or visions. And also, the custodian of our welfare should take into consideration the preparedness and conditions of the mass before initiating any plans or visions. Like any other democratic country, the success and sustainability of our developmental plans are determined by the active participation and acceptance of the populace.
Progress is not an art to be displayed in a canvass for the world to see. But it is rather the realization of hopes and dreams for the many million citizens. The stability of our great nation depends upon the stability of its many great diverse people. And such stability could be achieved only by placing a well-balanced hand in both infrastructure and human needs. Relativity theory would not benefit much a Neanderthal man in action; nor does Neanderthal tools for a contemporary man. Development should start with the populace; if not, progress for the populace becomes another longing stare at ‘Highway Star” (Deep Purple).
No matter how far the thought tries to wander off across the widening horizon of the globe, in the end, it always got pulled back where the heart is. My Manipur! The little India! Unity in Diversity??? Miraculously, somehow always managed and survived. We have braved through turmoil for decades. I can still see strength in us for the many years to come. And our government is inherited with that; a land so beautiful, yet bleeding profusely. The need of the hour for our Land and its people is Patience. To be followed by a swift but stable and calm action from the government. The government should not feel threatened with a little sight of blood from the old wounds. And healing depends on how the government sees to the wounds. Our government should take into consideration the state of their children they have inherited through the spirit of contestation and competition. We are development and progress deprived and starved children! A little throw of tantrum to get attention is the only move we have learnt. But then again, I believe, it is the duty and responsibility of every children of Manipur to work alongside and co-operate with the government in tending to the many wounds of our beloved Land. We should and must try not to be the thorns that pricked a fresh pours to the already existing wounds. When the government is of the people, by the people and for the people; I see then, India and the children of Manipur walking into the dawn of development and progress. Until such, keep the faith!

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