Physical Education teachers stage sit-in

IMPHAL, Mar 12 : The physical education teachers (PETs) of Youth Affairs and Sports Department who were recruited by the State Governments for their exceptional performances and gold medal feats in various disciplines in past National Games today staged a sit in at the gate of Directorate of Youth Affairs and Sports to protest the order of the Director which instruct all undergraduate PETs to undergo DELED (Diploma in Elementary Education) Course which was irrelevant with the job charts of the PETs.
The teachers who were protesting against the order issued on September 7 last year also acclaimed that the move was saddening as the course was well out of context and further added that they would have been honoured if they were directed to complete B P Ed or B P E which are prerequisite to the PETs’ posts within a particular dateline.
The teachers also asked why they are being imposed to undergo DELED when the Education Department and Youth Affairs and Sports Department have been two separate entities since 1980. They also said that they are being humiliated by instruction to remove them from their posts if they failed to join the course before March 31.
The undergraduate PETS have also resolved to return all the medals and certificates they won from different championships if the Government does not take a concrete decision on the issue at the earliest.

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