Politics : A way of life!

Daniel Tryte
“ Politics ought to be the part-time profession of every citizens who would protect the rights and privileges of free people and who would preserve what is good and fruitful in our national heritage”

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
    The nature of Politics which are highlighted in the country through our Democratic set-up of election and contestation often makes me wonder if the Nationhad derailed from the concept of politics and its intent. Would I be wrong to say, the games that are played out of it have painted Politics merely as a struggle for power. The ideological clashes of Political parties, national or regional, and their passionate struggle to hold the reign of power at times seems to mock the very essence and purpose of Politics. When Politics is confined to the narrow lane of an ideology and power then the whole narrative of Politics is lost amidst the rumbling roars of that struggle.
    We are fortunate to be living in a Democratic country where its citizens are empowered by the Constitution to determine our life and future through a political process. Politics touches and govern our daily life and activities. As much as we may havetried to shy away from Politics, we all are still tightly knitted within its fabric. How we shaped the Nation Politics determineour existence as a society and as aNation.
    The scope of Politics runs in deeper and much wider than the mere fact of election and contestation, and the ideology and the intent born out of such. Politics is neither vile nor corrupted. Citizens who does possessed a sound knowledge and understanding of Politics, its nature, scope and significance are always an empowered responsible citizens. When an empowered responsible citizensmakes their decisions, they always does it for the collective good of all. And when the collective good of all takes the fore society and the Nation progress in stability and in peace and prosper in abundance.
    How do we shaped our life then as a Citizens of Republic of India? How do we participate then in the decision making of our country? How do we make a government‘ a government of the people, by the people and for the people’ in our Democratic system? The answer to such questions is found in the active participation of the masses in Politics through our Votes.
    The masses votes empowered an elected representatives to look into our welfare and that of our state and of our country. And the outcome of those votes that wecast formed a government, both in the State and the Centre. Thus, in this way the masses participation breath life into Politics for the greater good of all.
    Taking our attention back to what was just mentioned earlier, ‘Politics is neither vile nor Corrupted’, the perception that we have of Politics sadly seems to be the opposite of it. The games that we have played in the merry-go-round of ithad painted the world of Politics into sombre.
    And then we decided to part away from Politics as if the devil had taken authority upon it.If this seems to be so, then who let the ugliness take a hold upon it? Forgive me if I might be wrong, and all the fingers would be pointing straight toward our elected representatives. But would they dare to if the fingerspointing at them are clean?And none would see the truth on where the ugliness takes its form. The truth is, you and I are the root of such ugliness. If this is too bitter a truth, let us find concession by saying partly.
    But until our conscience dare towalk upon the truth then the ugliness will continue, bringing upon ourselves, the same old same Politics of Greed. What have meant to be an empowering force then becomes a shady state of affairs.
    Politics is a way of life beyond the realm of our spiritual reality! Society and Nation building begins with our first indulgence in Politics through our bestowed privilege to Vote.
    Thenthe rest of the businessin Politics follows. How we acted upon will determine the course of our journey as a society and as a Nation.
    The writer is from Churachandpur

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