Predator or predators on the prowl Adopt a scientific approach

Churachandpur to Imphal East, Kakching and now Kangpokpi. Is it the same predator or are some predators striking out at the different places mentioned ? All questions at the moment and as a gentleman said in a post on Facebook subjective speculations are rife leaving little room for meaningful discourse on what needs to be done to get down to the bottom of the matter. Does Manipur have an updated forensic laboratory to scientifically study what could have killed the domesticated animals ? How deep is the cut ? Is the cut from the force of the blow of the ‘predator’ with sharp claws and paws ? What do the footprints suggest, that is if any footprints have been detected. This is where Science comes into play and a scientific approach is what is called for at the moment and not wild speculations. As Forest Minister Th Shyamkumar pointed out, it has been established that the ‘predator’ first attacks the prey on the neck, rips open the bowel and consumes the entrails. Which animal is known to mainly target the entrails of the animal they hunt, is the natural question that follows. The Kangpokpi case seems to be a little different in the sense that this is the first time that an animal as big as a cow has been found dead under mysterious circumstances. It is also not clear whether the belly of the cow had been ripped apart and its entrails eaten by the ‘predator.’ Moreover the horns of the cow were found pulled out by the attacker and this is where it becomes important to question whether it is to the knowledge of any wild life expert which animal is known to attack the horns of a cow or a buffalo.
A scientific approach is what is needed. This is where the importance of Science becomes palpable and this should serve as a reminder to the State Government to work towards setting up a state of the art forensic science laboratory. A close study of the remains of the animals in a well equipped forensic lab can certainly go some way in coming closer to establishing the identity of the predator. It is also important for all to remember that the present instance may well be a case of men destroying the natural habitat of the wild animals. When nature is trampled and violated then it is but natural for the wild animals to come closer to human habitats and attack what they see for their own survival. This is where the appeal from the People For Animal to the people not to blindly target any animal on mere suspicion should be seen in its context. The identity of the predator is yet to be established and targeting other animals in the wild on suspicion cannot be the answer to the present situation. It can only make it worse and this is a point which should not blow over the head of anyone. It should also be kept in mind that even if the identity of the ‘predator’ is established, care should be taken to ensure that it is taken back to its natural habitat without any harm. No doubt, establish the identity of the ‘predator,’ but ensure that it returns to its natural habitat without harm.

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  1. Sikula sikul   December 1, 2018 at 10:47 am

    This thing happened during my childhood days half Century ago, but no one published in the newspaper due to lack of media awareness. Now, media is so advanced that jobless mobile hankers spend 24 hours seeing and playing and diverged everything within second and made the people panic. We have violated the rule of nature which sheltered thousands of wild animals. Now they want to survive but no prey for them. Thus they are suppose to cross the boundary and attack the domestic animals.


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