Prospective candidates of Cong, BJP Obvious points to study

Whether the Congress will ultimately name him as its candidate in the coming Lok Sabha elections is not yet clear, but he is in the news and this should underline the point that he is still not a political pushover. The man from Langthabal Assembly Constituency still figures, though he is no longer even a member of the Assembly. It is also still not yet clear whether O Joy Singh will sup with the Congress after leaving the BJP but clearly with his name doing the round, it should have rung out the message to the BJP that it cannot afford to sleep over the matter. The first priority is obviously on who it decides to give the party’s ticket. Already three names are doing the round for the BJP, and here it would help the party to look beyond just political experience and see who would be best placed to take issues concerning the State to the floor of Parliament. Same thing goes for the Congress too. Early days yet, but it would be like a breathe of fresh air if the two principal political parties can come out with candidates who can do something for Manipur. Not too tall an order to follow, if the political parties can look beyond the traditional understanding of a politician and see if they can nominate any candidate who can inspire trust and confidence in the people. A look at the profile of any of the intending candidates should be more than enough provided the leaders of the two political parties can look beyond the obvious. First and foremost is obviously the question of the intention of the people seeking the party’s ticket-and this applies to both the Congress and the BJP.
The BJP need to keep in mind that it swept the Parliamentary elections back in 2014, because the people were fed up of the number of corruption charges levelled against the then Congress Government. This is where the BJP will need to pick its candidate with care. Same thing applies to the Congress too, for it cannot be seen to have not learnt anything from the 2014 poll debacle. So in a nutshell, what is the reputation of the people seeking the party’s ticket ? Are they out to make money in the name of representing the people ? A look at the profile of the prospective candidates can certainly go a long way in addressing this question. Moreover, how well placed are the prospective candidates seeking the party’s ticket ? The two principal political parties cannot be seen to be sleeping over this matter, for the bane of Manipur has always been a case of the MPs unable to present the case of the people and the State on the floor of Parliament with the conviction that is needed. How well placed are the prospective candidates to put across the interests of the State effectively on the floor of Parliament ? This is an important question that should not blow over the heads of the think tank of the two principal political parties. Moreover it also stands that the candidate chosen by either political parties should be able to stir the people and make them vote with a zeal. This will go some way in making the election to the Lok Sabha all that more inclusive and meaningful.

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