A few question to the Meitei opponents of ST status demand for Meiteis

A few question to the Meitei opponents of ST status demand for Meiteis
In Manipur there have been many issues which never find a logical collusion or solution till now.
One of them is ST status demand by a majority from the Meitei community who are not yet officially recognised as indigenous community of Manipur by Indian Constitution though they claim themselves to be real indigenous. Meiteis have no particular land areas in the Manipur State that can be claimed exclusively as theirs, just as ST can, but can be shared by any citizen of India as Meiteis have been in the list of general category seen 1951 census before which Meiteis were listed as a tribe till 1931 census. Of course in Puya and other ancient books Meiteis might have land much bigger than the present state of Manipur but the present reality is that Meiteis are confined by laws only in the valley area which is only about 2000 sq.km shared by every citizen of India.
Due to difference in opinion between the Government elected by us and Meiteis or between Meitei and the other ethnic communities we cannot find solution to many lingering issues resulting in wastage of valuable time, energy, loss of precious lives and property and chaos in Manipur. After open thorough, deep deliberation and discussion on issues we need to have a consensus (although 100% consensus may be impossible) instead of bulldozing our ideas and opinion on others so that unwanted consequences may not happen.
I would like to put certain questions to the Meitei opponents of ST status demand for Meitei keeping in view the ST status of the people of Northeast States particularly Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur who belong to the same Mongoloid stock as Meiteis of the valley of Manipur some of whom claim themselves to be highly civilised and consider themselves to be much above the ST of the Northeast and the other states and territories of India and consider ST people as uncivilised, uncultured category of people. In other to convince myself and my friends to decide whether to oppose or support ST status demand for Meiteis I hope you kindly answer the following few questions to the point convincingly If no reply, we shall assume that your arguments are only for the sake of argument.
Ql. Do you believe in Puya, the ancient Meitei Manuscript? If so, are Meiteis also are a tribe having the same common ancestor as the present ST of Manipur belonging to the same Mongoloid race? Or, Do Meiteis belong to the high Kshetriya caste of Hindu Aryan society of India?
Q2. Do the ST of Northeast States have no unique/distinct culture, language, agricultural practices, history etc. just as Meiteis have?
Q3. Is the economic status/per capita income of Meiteis much better than other ST of Northeast States? If so, please answer with facts and figures.
Q4. Is the economic infrastructure, connectivity, communication, living standard of Meitei dominated areas much better than the ST dominated areas of other Northeast States.
Q5. Who is controlling the economic or holding the commercial reins of the so called civilised Meiteis just as that of the so called uncivilised ST of Northeast in their respective dominated areas is being controlled ? A civilised community is not expected or supposed to be controlled by other community at least commercial wise.
Q6. If a tribe/ST develops socially, educationally, economically a little more than before, do they cease to be a tribe or ST?
Q7. Is the literacy level of Meiteis much higher than that of so called uncivilised ST of Northeast particularly ST of Mizoram?
Q8. Do Meiteis have any constitutional safe guard regarding valley areas dominated them?
Q9. What were the far sighted civilised Meiteis doing when Manipur was divided by Article 371 C of Indian constitution administration wise, into unprotected valley areas for civilised Meiteis and hill areas exclusively for uncivilised ST?
Q10. Do Meitei need constitutional safe guard for valley areas and other reservation benefits just as uncivilised ST?
Q11. If so why not try for constitutional safe guard and other benefits already provided by article 342(1) and of article 19 (5) of Indian constitution instead of trying for amendment of Article 3 and Article 371 C of constitution (which need the consent of 2/3 of the MPs of India) Or return to the pre-merger status which is a remote, complicated, almost impossible dream. Why not try for something already provided ?
Q12. What are the losses and gains to be in the general category?
Q13. What are the losses and gains to be in the ST List?
It may noted that any Indian citizen can come to the fold of general category whether civilised or uncivilised, whether a tribe or a non-tribe. It is a free- for all category except those who demand a separate nation from India Or return to the separate sovereign nation. There is nothing to be proud of to be in general category. Scheduled tribes of NE states are proud of their own culture, history, language, customary law and practice, tradition in the same way Meiteis are.We north easterners including proud Meiteis are recognised by mainland Indians as the “same Chinky Mongoloid” never mind.
Yours faithfully,
I Gohen

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  1. Soibam Iboyaima Singh   November 19, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Dear Editor,
    Answers to question 1:
    We belief in Puya it is a great ancient writing predictions of great Maichous (Pundits). We are all Mongoloid race group and we have common ancestors among different tribes. But Meitei by and large have dominant character from the ancient times. For example, we have long back history of 200 years which began from Lord Pakhangba to Maharaj Bodhchandra whic shows we are country’s leaders and protectors and fought war against the enemies for the peoples of country (Kangleipak). We have history of mighty King Khagemba who conquered some parts of South China in war and collected rewards, gifts, and many other offerings from China.
    Listing in ST means we are limited and undeveloped closed group of society and unable to lead a country or nation. But Meiteis are not in that category, that;s why Meiteis are not listed in ST. Meiteis are a few numbers among majority groups of Aryan Indians. But it will be wrong to feel that if Meiteis are not in aryan group, they would be in ST group.

    If your view to bring Meitei in ST to get a mere facility of government quota, it will blacken the great beautiful history of Manipur. Even today, we are in general category and we can produce a number talented doctors, engineers, scientists, judiciary, IAS, IPS officers and moreover we can produce strong and talented sport personnels in the state and represents for the country and collected many world records and titles.

    So, in my opinion listing of Meiteis in ST is not acceptable.


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