Was recruitment of Dy Director for Department of Information Technology (DIT), Manipur for a select few applicants?

I would like to bring to your notice about the recruitment of Deputy Director for Department of Information Technology (DIT), Manipur.
The notification came out on 28th October, 2016, and the last date of form submission was on 5th November, 2016, which gave the aspirants just seven working days (excluding a Sunday, and a Ningol Chaakkouba holiday) to apply, which is not sufficient for proper dissemination of the information of an opportunity in a land where lack of opportunity is a chronic plague.
Notification for other recruitments of other departments for posts like OA/ LDC, Driver, Peon etc were published in multiple leading newspapers for multiple days. But, for this particular recruitment of Deputy Director and other posts of DIT, it was not published in the leading newspapers like The Sangai Express, Poknapham etc which are widely read. (But it was published in two other less circulated newspapers)
This means very few people were informed and the procedure does not withstand the test of fairness in administrative law to the mind of a layman like me.  One cannot help, but to feel that it was intentionally made a low key affair.
I, for instance came to know about it while browsing the www.manipur.gov.in by chance (the URL of the notification is http://manipur.gov.in/?p=11320) on the morning of 6th November but by then it was too late for me to apply and so many others too lost the opportunity.
If the authorities of DIT, had given more than seven days, if they had publicized it more on leading newspapers and other forms of media, more people could have come to know about the recruitment, more people could have applied, and they would have had more qualified candidates to choose from for the job. It would have been an open, free and fair competition.
Our Manipur society is infested with one issue after the other and the several controversies do not decrease in number. Looking from governance’s point of view, lack of transparency  and  accountability due to lack of political will is I consider one of the major doors of this red tapism that the common people are forced to go through everyday, especially in areas of various opportunities one is entitled to as rights. A big post like ‘Deputy Director’ which comes very rarely, that too a regular post, ought to be more publicized and not just processed for formality.
Recruitment policy like this makes one ponder over the authority’s integrity and transparency. At a time when the national leaders are shouting slogans of transparency; the acts of the state government are quite questionable.
It would be fair on the part of the recruiting authorities of Director of Information Technology, Manipur, if they could extend the last date so that other eligible candidates who missed the notification due to poor publicity and a very short duration for application, may also apply.
Yours sincerely,
Ringo Pebam

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