Remembering Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan


As today being Teachers’ Day, let me put across through your newspaper something that I remember about Dr Radhakrishnan, that my engineering college hostel roommate Subash Choudhury told me in 1967. When Dr S Radhakrishnan was teaching Hindu Philosophy in Oxford University, one of his students asked him a question:”Sir, in your country, that is India, many people worship so many Gods. So which God will lead them to Heaven?”
Immediately he reply, “Yes, yes,there are so many post boxes in England and if you want to send a letter to any place of the world you can drop your letter to any of the post office boxes of England, and it will reach any where you like.” In these days, when religion tolerance is the need of the hour, Dr Radhakrishnan’s reply/ message is worth remembering.
Yours fatihfully,
(Former teacher of Johnstone&Tamphasana Higher Secondary Schools)

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