Salai to install hydro project turbine at Sekmai Dam

IMPHAL, Feb 13: As a collaboration between Mavel Company of Czech Republic, Salai Holdings Pvt Ltd and the State Government, a hydro project turbine will be installed at Sekmai Dam at the earliest to generate energy to meet the needs of the people of Manipur. Speaking to media persons at the office of Salai Holdings Pvt Ltd today, its Chairman cum MD Narengbam Samarjit said that a meeting was held with Economic Advisor to CMD Salai Holdings Pvt Lt Miroslav Tym, Mavel AS Commercial Director Adolf Svovoda and Mavel AS vice chairman Jan Sip so as to take up steps to install hydro project turbine at Sekmai Dam and generate electricity.
Samarjit said that the initiative will also include MSPDCL, MANIREDA and Minor Irrigation as well and added that as soon as the Chief Minister comes back to the State, he (CM) will meet the team and start work on the project.
However, Salai will start work on the project at the earliest by bearing the expenses, he added.

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