A school par excellence is really there in the town

Having freshly graduated and on the lookout for an activity where I can put up myself busy alongside other daily chores so as not to get bogged down by unnecessary life’s boredom thoughts curtly came to my mind to join a school but I was not aware of any schools carrying out the need for a school teacher in a paper.
Even then not losing hope I submitted an application offering my candidature in a school I presumed there would be a vacancy but to my surprise on the day I submitted the application I was advise to come for a ‘demo’ the next day. I did it not very badly I thought but it seemed there was need for improvement in my performance I was asked again for the second demo. Performance of my second demo was rated ‘fit to be trained’. I was again advised to appear for the third round – the final demo: I did it. My performance was rated ‘fit for an interview’, still not the final round of selection.
To complete the whole process of final selection I was asked to face two different sets of interview – first with the Board and second with the Principal on different days.
I got through in the two sets of interview and I was thus, finally selected for an Assistant Teacher of the School.
As I had never known or heard such an exercise practiced by a Private School before, in the first place I was a little annoyed to undergo such a series of screening from three different rounds of ‘demo’ to two separate sets of interview just for a school teacher post but the whole thing that were carried out from ‘teacher’s orientation’ to adhering important non-negligible tips required for any school teachers by the time I joined the school, changed my perception towards such an exercise which I deemed it futile was the only essential criteria for selecting the best few out of innumerable applicants for a school teacher.
On the day of teacher’s orientation the words of our vibrant Principal listed here below is a robust available mechanism that can changed the life of all students when worked out with full dedication by all teachers.
1. Lessons plan are to be made beforehand so as to be more comfortable and precise during lectures.
2. Active gestures are to be sometimes utilized to enlighten the students with more attention.
3. Emphasize on the human senses so that students can understand and elaborate more and have retentive memorization on a particular topics and subjects.
4. Make no partiality or being lenient toward a particular pupil.
5. Give some love and affection towards weak and naughty students.
6. Be more caring as they are your children once they enter the school campus.
7. Be friendly but keep limit.
8. Avoid bad words, be sweet and soft and never hurt the feelings of the students as they are sensitive.
9. Canning must be avoided. If the need arise under any circumstances it should be dealt with the disciplinary committee.
10. Textbook and notebook of all students should be maintained neat and clean and all important word meanings are to be explained properly to help them improve their vocabulary.
11. No students to be allowed to go in pair for attending the urge for nature’s call while class is in session.
12. Teachers are to be dressed decently and should not sit or lean on the wall or bend with hands on the table while inside the classroom. (In fact, there is no chair at all in the classroom for a teacher to sit which I have seen with my own eyes as I had joined the school)
All the given points above do really impressed me as when I put them into practice as I join the school it really works well in drawing effective attention of the students so as all the teaching staffs agreeing to create and develop within ourselves an environment of closeness with our students. The school that imparts such important wholesome values is none other than HoMES located at Leijangkhopi in Churachandpur District. I wish all other such schools follows such a pattern in times of recruitment and in its day-to-day administration to give the best for each of their respective students for the sake of educating our young children who are our future pillars.
Yours faithfully,
Anne Sangneithem
English & Grammar teacher, HoMES, Leijangkhopi, CCpur)

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