Scripting tale of a killing field Penalise the authors

A reflection of the reality here. The very fact that the Extra Judicial Execution Victim Families Association (EEVFAM) and Human Rights Alert (HRA), have deemed it fit to urge all to come forward and provide their statement to the CBI/SIT probing the cases of alleged extra-judicial killings in the State, should mean so many things. In the first place, the open statement from the two bodies is a telling statement of the all pervasive fear psychosis that has gripped the people for ages. It is also a significant indicator that the case is on the right track and quite a number of ‘killing machines’ who come under the camouflage of law enforcers are feeling the heat from the Supreme Court. Just remember how the case has been proceeding ever since the Supreme Court first instituted the Justice Santosh Hegde Commission and came up with some questions which proved to be extremely uncomfortable to the security forces. And again remember how a ‘killer police commando,’ in the persona of Th Herojit is ready to turn approver with the sensational confession before the media some time back that he killed Th Sanjit under the instruction of his superior officer in the infamous BT Road incident of July 23, 2009. Yes all those who witnessed any extra-judicial killing and which was passed off as an ‘encounter‘ need to step forward and give their side of the story so that all those who flexed their muscles in the killing field, which is Manipur, are brought to book and justice is ensured. As repeatedly said in this column all, particularly those in the newspapers and news channels, will remember how such ‘encounters’ used to happen regularly, especially late in the evening.
This is why the public urging from EEVFAM and HRA to all those who witnessed any case of alleged extra-judicial killings to come forward and give their statement to the CBI/SIT gains eminence. Along with going ahead with the case in the Supreme Court, it will help if the State Government too seriously gets down to the business of studying how and when ‘killing machines’ were nurtured and ‘programmed’ to kill. How did it happen ? It will also help if serious work is done to study if such a trend had the tacit approval of the high ups. It stands that responsibility has to be shared by all those, starting from those who come higher in the pecking order, and not only those who actually pulled the trigger that killed so many. Was it a secret policy followed by the powers that be to silence people who they think ought to be silenced under the pretext of the volatile law and order situation in the State ? Or were the lower rung simply acting on their fancy and whims, taking the law in their hands ? Either way it sucks, and it is only right that the case goes to its logical conclusion. Killing anyone in a staged encounter cannot come anywhere close to dispensing one’s duty. Afterall ‘staged killing’ cannot be the duty of anyone. The Supreme Court has more than underlined this point and it is only right that all those who authored such a policy are brought to book and penalised accordingly.

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