SC’s directive to CBI to probe cases of alleged extra-judicial killings Closely studying CBI’s probe : Gonsalves

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, May 5 : Supreme Court’s Senior Advocate as well as counsel of Extra-Judicial Execution Victim Families Association (EEV-FAM), Colin Gonsalves has asserted that he along with his team, EEVFAM and Human Rights Alert (HRA), are closely observing CBI’s investigation into the alleged extrajudicial killings in the State while praying for quick and fair conduct.
Speaking as the chief guest at the ‘Solidarity Meeting: The Struggle for Justice by The Victim’s Families of Extrajudicial Execution’ organized by EEVFAM and HRA at GM Hall today, the SC senior Advocate conveyed that EEVFAM and its associates, including him, are specifically concentrating on 18 cases which have been selected by the Supreme Court out of the hundreds of alleged fake encounter cases from Manipur and which the Supreme Court has directed CBI to initially conduct investigation.
Contending that an investigation cannot be started without registering FIR, he claimed that the CBI was very reluctant to register FIR in connection with the extrajudicial cases.
EEVFAM has lost so many months and the CBI had been pretending as if they did not know what exactly had to be done in connection with the case, he alleged.
The senior Advocate further expressed that he is not sure whether CBI is going ahead into the investigation independently as it (CBI) comes under the Central Government and the Central Government does not want the investigation and prosecution to be done.
Whether the CBI is sincere enough about implementing the SC order can be known only after two months, he added.
Asserting that EEVFAM has been working courageously to deliver justice in connection with the alleged fake encounter cases, Gonsalves opined that it is the duty of the CBI to ensure that every single witness/individual of all the cases are well protected.
Conveying that he stood up as the counsel of EEVFAM as he trust the testimonies of the victims’ families, the SC senior Advocate informed that he is doing his level best to expedite the judicial process and deliver justice in the alleged extrajudicial killing cases.
On the other hand, High Court of Manipur’s senior Advocate Khaidem Mani underscored the importance of consistent mass struggle for bringing justice regarding the alleged extrajudicial killing cases.
Therefore, consistent struggle is always needed to put more weight on the Supreme Court to expedite the case, he added.

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