Setting up an ideal life

Kajal Chatterjee
The lady, on the verge of senior citizenship, is indeed very nice person in heart. Noble humanitarian possessing love for all.
Perhaps God does not make 100% perfect human being! So as a slight demerit; she has been “gifted” with mountain of tension, the peak of which continues to remain “unconquered”! One problem getting solved; far from feeling relieved for it, she starts getting alarmed for the next unsolved problem, many of which often imagined also!
She hardly got the opportunity to venture in a leisure tour. But in the handful of times she has got the opportunity; far from savoring each and every moment and amenities of the rare outing, her sighs and tension see not a bit abatement! Though her body has moved hundreds of kilometers to a famous tourist spot, her mind and consciousness has not moved an inch from the four corners of her home and practical/perceived complexities of domestic affairs!
During my trip to various places, I have heard many companions expressing unhappiness that the tour is coming to an end. Much much before returning home or even commencement of the return journey; I have heard them lamenting on the last night of the trip — “Oh again daily ordeals at home/office immediately after return”!
This proves that for these eternal pessimist, the tour has not rewarded them any moral or psychological boost! Far from relishing that the tour has been accomplished, they focus on the end of the trip or “Good Days”! So obviously they get saddened and feel frustrated on the thought when the next trip can happen! That means trip or no trip, they continue to languish in a morose state of mind!
In contrast those who are enlightened of the essence of life believe that “Today” itself is a gift from God as innumerable people in the globe has not seen “Today” after passing away in the night. So instead of lamenting over their position(“ordeals” at home/work place), they pay earnest thanks to Almighty for enabling them the opportunity to live this day. So amidst the duty struggle and suffering of life; they find time and inner sight to appreciate the rising sun, chirping of birds, blooming of flowers, beauty of the sky, floating of clouds, dropping of rains, orange glow of setting sun, soothing balm of the moon and twinkling of stars. They find enjoyment in purchasing the green spinach from the market, breaking the eggs to prepare omelette or serving the common man through file work in office. And thereafter they take the bed for a well-earned rest in a happy state looking forward to welcome the ensuing dawn.
In this perspective, Tapan Sinha’s classic “Golpo Holeu Satyi”(Fact, despite a story) can be recollected which was remade in Hindi as “Bawarchi” by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. The film starts with the scene of a chaotic lower middle class joint family where all family members are at loggerheads with each other fighting over trivial issues revolving cooking washing ironing clothes to who would attend the oldest head of the family to who would use the single bathroom first! Each and every member of the family are bursting at their seams with frustration and anger.
Now in came the protagonist. A domestic worker. A magic happens. Single-handedly he takes over the charge of the family accomplishing all works in an instant, all at scheduled time — morning tea, breakfast, lunch, washing clothes to even ironing! Prior to his appointment, the senior ladies of the house were venting their frustration to the protagonist how their life has turned hell thanks to the daily ordeals and chores at home from dawn to late night. In reply the protagonist asked the ladies whether they can take over the charge of water supply to the city by adorning relevant post in Corporation! When the ladies replied in negative, the protagonist told them that their Mukti or salvation is embedded within their duties only! That is each and everybody’s Mukti lies in performance of their respective duties only with utmost sincerity and devotion! In a nutshell, the film projected that essence of life lies in work work and work and we should all enjoy it. And the family members, previously who used to get frustrated over their daily duties day in and day out; are now getting more irritated after all their works have been taken over by the protagonist! Out of boredom, they started performing their own work without delegating it to others and they attained a lofty height of joy and pleasure out of it!
So those who have turned enlightened enough to enjoy their daily duties of life — be it in home or workplace — and grateful enough to offer thanks to God for gifting them a new morning each day with bounties of nature right left above below would never lament for a tour in far off place.
No wonder why Seth Godin stated — “Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, you ought to set up a life you don’t need to escape from”.
The writer is based in Kolkata

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