Shame on you : US Open


Shame on you US of America. Very shameful indeed.
Naomi Osaka, the 20 year old girl from Japan created history by becoming the first Japanese to win a Grand Slam when she defeated Serena Williams of US in the Women’s Final.
Rather than congratulating the winner Ms Osaka, the US Open officials, notably the US Women’s Tennis Association president Ms Adam, are all waxing/ praising eloquence on how great a champion Serena is, how great a mother she is and so on, sidelining Ms Osaka, the eventual winner, the champion, at the prize distribution ceremony, putting her into total oblivion.
In all the history of Grand Slams – Australian, French and Wimbledon – I have never seen, never read, never heard such racial, prejudiced and bias treatment meted out to a player, that too to the winner/ champion.
Here is a girl who puts it across Williams by her sheer determination, grit and never-give-up-give-in attitude and who should be the one to be lauded and congratulated.
Shame on you, US of America.
Now I should rather address you as UST (read United States of Trump). This is the trickle down effect of the Trump administration/policy vis-a-vis Asian countries.
Just because Serena was a former world number one and is about to equal the great Margaret Court’s (of Australia) record of winning the maximum Grand Slams does not mean that she could throw tantrums and her weight around and point fingers at the umpire.
Serena is a great player, one of the greatest perhaps, no doubt, but that gives her no licence to behave in so unsporting a manner.
What is worst is the entire US crowd, not excluding the top US Tennis officials,  were seen supporting such highly condemnable unsportsmanlike behaviour of Serena and in fact booed Ms Osaka.
If this is not racism of the worst kind then what is? Or is it a different kind of racism- the Trump kind? Why can’t they accept the fact that the better player won the match and as such should be appreciated. Ms Osaka played better than Serena and was clearly the better player on the given day. It is as simple as that. Congratulations Ms Osaka. You did what ‘other whites’ – the likes of Sharapova, Halep, Krueber could not , that is stopping Serena from equalling Margaret Court’s all time record. This perhaps piqued the Americans and explain their unsportsmanlike nay rude treatment shown to Ms Osaka. Ms Osaka you did the whole Asian continent proud. We the Asians are Mighty proud of you.

Yours faithfully,
Prof. Rajendra Kshetri, Manipur University,  Imphal.

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